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Tattoo thread

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Yup, JHT = Jail House Tat.


That particular Tat is called a "Tres Puntos" in Latin circles. It is a common Latino gang symbol with many different meanings. "my Crazy Life" or "Mi Vida Loco" is the most common answer given when asked. I have also hear that the three dots represent 3 Sureño gang members together, and that only senior gang members are permitted to wear the three dots together. Typically on the web of the hand between the thumb and first finger. I have also heard it represent the number 13 in some old Mexican language - Toltec, Aztec, Incan, or something. The letter 13 bein "M" for Mexican Mafia.


There are also German and Turkish prison tats with the three dots arranged that way signifying "I don't hear, see, or tell anything."


I have heard the three dots represent an "A"for Anarchy and that it means "Death To Cops" or "I hate Cops" in some European cultures.

Didn't they have that in the movie "behind enemy lines"..

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Lol you guys must have thought I was joking when I said I am totally bribeble and have a connections!

If I had anything worth bribing with... I would be all over it.. That guy really does some amazing work... the other artists are great too but the owners portfolio was awesome!

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