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NJ.com/ South Jersey Times Gun Poll

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This was my comment


These rifles are specifically protected by the 2nd amendment. No where in there does it mention hunting. It's about the people having the right and the ability to protect themselves from foreign invaders and their own government. Our forefathers saw this as so important that they even added shall not be infringed. Now you have a president bye passing congress like a dictator with executive orders and he's the one that wants to take them. His administration has even gone so far as to hand assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels who then used them on Americans. Just so they can blame our 2nd amendment. Now he is exploiting dead children to ban a rifle that wasn't even used. Yet some people think its a great idea to hand over one of our inalienable rights for the illusion we will be safer. Because we all know the criminals will be the first ones to hand over their guns. Wake up people.

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Now how did they get these #'s??? Sickening how they show the scanned report at the bottom of the page, I'm sure it got sent to everybody in the legislature and their staffers just as they are combing through new 'common sense' laws to pass.


FDU has no agenda.


700 people they asked represent all of NJ. RIdiculous.

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