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Can we get 1,000,000 pro-gunners to sign this petition? to the best of my knowledge the "we the people" petition with the most signatures was the anti-westboro baptist church petition with 275,000


We know that more than 1/2 the country is against the AWB (you've seen the lines at the gun stores and the prices of so called assault weapons right?)


Now some of you may be thinking it won't make a difference, you might be right but it will take less effort to sign the petition than it will to tell me it won't work. So if you are against the AWB and think this won't work sign the petition and prove it to me ;)


Lets see how fast we can get to 1,000,000!



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we broke 1,300 got a long way to go to get to a million so if you can share on your FB, twitter pages help spread the word and all :)


There are other ones, I started this one because in the past when he responds to anti/pro gun petitions at the same time and I tried to make this one as broad as possible and I specifically asked for a separate response.....


we only need 100,000 for an official response but the larger the number the harder it is to dismiss. The challenge .... so far more than 20,000 pro-gun people have seen the link but only 1,300 or so have signed it

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Tried to sign but where I am at the only internet I have has a "security policy" that blocks out inaproprite websites. it took me a while to find a proxy site to even visi these forums, but it is causing problems when I try to sign the petition. :(

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    • By HBecwithFn7
      There is now a White House Petition activated to stop the above bill (HR 4269) - The Assault Weapons ban of 2015/2016. 
      It needs 100,000 signatures by 01/16/2016. It has only 5557 as of this writing. Passing it along so all can sign. Please pass this onto other 2A forums.
      White House Petition - Stop the Assault Weapons Ban of 2015...
    • By Gunrunner26
      Ok, so what did owners of Assualt wapons, who lived in NJ when the Clinton Ban took place, do when NJ did not recognize the grandfather aspect of the law?? Was there a buy-back? Did they just turn them in and say goodby, could they give them to somone in another state. So what happened?? At the time I only had bolt action rifles and several shot guns. Times are different now, with an AR type on hand? So what happened..
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    • Thanks. Refresher: Requiring Firearm Safety Training: S-2169/A-5030 (Weinberg/Reynolds-Jackson) would modernize firearm ID cards, as well as require completion of a firearm safety course in order to receive a permit to purchase a gun or receive a firearm ID card. Connecticut, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland and the District of Columbia all have laws requiring individuals to undergo safety training prior to being able to purchase. [How would this apply to existing FID holders? Definition of acceptable training? Conspicuously absent. Potential impacts on passing on firearms to your heirs.] Mandating Safe Storage of Firearms: Owning a firearm for protection in the home can present a substantial obstacle to safe firearm storage, with individuals often opting to keep weapons loaded and easily accessible. Last legislative session, the Assembly passed A-3696/S-2240 (Downey/Gopal) requiring firearm owners to store the firearm in a securely locked box or container; in a location where a reasonable person would believe to be secure; or to secure the firearm with a trigger lock.  Raising Minimum Age to Purchase Long Guns to 21: Under current law, a person 18 years of age and older may obtain a firearms purchaser identification card and a handgun purchaser is required to be at least 21 years old. The bill (A-1141/S-3605, Freiman/Cryan) increases from 18 to 21 the age at which a person is eligible to receive a firearms purchaser identification card used to purchase shotguns and rifles but would still allow for those at least 18 to possess a long gun for purposes of hunting; military drills; competition; target practice; training; or under the supervision of a parent or guardian.   Promoting Microstamping Technology: Microstamping technology provides law enforcement with the tools to quickly link firearm cartridge casings found at the scene of a crime to a specific firearm, without having to recover the firearm itself.  The technology essentially creates a “license plate” on cartridge casings to identify the gun that was used to shoot the ammunition.  Last legislative session, S-112/A-1098 (Weinberg/Downey) would require within a year that firearm manufacturers incorporate this technology into new handguns sold in New Jersey. [This worked so well in CA... IOW, no more new pistols for sale.] Establishing Electronic Ammunition Sales Recordkeeping: The State Commission of Investigation (SCI) issued a report in 2016 finding that straw purchases of ammunition were unchecked because firearm IDs lacked photo identification.  The SCI also found that sales records were often hand-written into log books — a problem for law enforcement, which should be able to consult an electronic database when it investigates questionable ammunition purchases.  A-1292/S-1481 (Greenwald/Weinberg) would require manufacturers or dealers of handgun ammunition to keep a detailed electronic record of ammunition sales, and report ammunition sales to the State Police. [Any talk of banning internet sales?] Banning .50 Caliber Firearms: Military-style .50 caliber rifles are banned or restricted in several other states. California has a complete ban on .50-caliber rifles, Connecticut bans specific models and Maryland has some restrictions.  S-103/A-1280 (Gill/Greenwald) would revise the definition of "destructive device" under New Jersey law so that it includes weapons of .50 caliber or greater. [It's about time. These things are used in what... zero crimes in this state annually?] I wouldn't be surprised if remaining evil features, others, and internet sales, among other things, get added to the list.
    • I dropped my Trenton Times subscription after the January 7th headline. Bought a paper last week on Thanksgiving for my wife... $8 and completely useless! Won't be doing that again.
    • The Gov referenced these initiatives back in April:  https://nj.gov/governor/news/news/562021/20210415b.shtml        
    • Holy crap! $60??!!!!!!!  I didn’t know they were that expensive.    I have an extended A2 type comp (not EGW) in my parts box, makes a 14.5” carbine 16.25”.  If you need it, it’s yours for the cost of postage. It looks like the one on the left in this pic. 
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