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Response from Senator Menendez

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Received a response to a message I sent to Menendez. I'm not even sure which message I've sent out so many in the past few weeks. It actually doesn't sound very good. "We need to save the children from those evil black and pointy guns!" I swear if they ever pass national martial law it'll be under the guise of protecting the children.


Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding additional firearms legislation in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this critical issue.


As the father of two, this tragedy struck painfully close to my heart and painfully close to the heart of every parent. No parent should ever have to bear the unspeakable pain of losing a child, especially to this type of tragedy. I join with every American in expressing our deep and abiding grief as a nation and our deepest -- most heartfelt -- condolences to the families of the victims.


As your Senator, I strongly defend the rights of citizens to use firearms responsibly for recreational purposes or protection of one's family and home. At the same time, I vigorously support efforts to keep guns out of the hands of individuals that wish to use them against society.


Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. On this, as with any other issue, there are many different views. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind. I invite you to visit my website (http://menendez.senate.gov) to learn more about how I am standing up for New Jersey families in the United States Senate.

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I think he's getting treatment for Gonorrhea and its taking a lot of his time. I wonder if he posted that on his website. But, then some of us have different viewpoints. I wonder if he considered his children in all of that disgraceful behavior. But then a good statist has to blow off steam. It's stressful to continue the progressive vision.


He did a great job running cover for Hillarity, too. Makes a NJ resident proud!

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