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how the gun control movement got smart

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this is a short piece on why gun grabbers always say "we don't want to take your guns we just want you to get a license and mental health check every five years to make sure your not crazy"


this is important to understand, that although their message has changed, what they want has not





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It's a public relations campaign to demonize guns, and make us look unreasonable. Wy do you think they have marketing geniuses running these organizations?

They do have top notch marketers and copywriters (I took a professional copywriters course and use it on my job all the time)...This, and their seemless coordinated message, and persistance, makes it relatively easy for them to "BRAND" anyone or anything (e.g., what they did to Romni).


This is what makes them so effective and dangerous.


Especially when many folks don't think, don't reason, don't research, and get there values and guidence from TV-news and the internet (rather than say the bible, meditation, spirit or even history). And why I am against legalizing pot (personally don't care who smokes it - but no rational person can truly believe this is good for our society in general and young kids in particular)...

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