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Hello, my name is Frank J Garnick. I am running for Ocean County Sheriff, as a Republican. I am a member of the NJ Gun Forum and NJ2AS, amongst other like minded groups. The reason I am running is simple. The only way I can be 100% sure that our next Sheriff will be unabashedly Constitutionally pure is if I am the Sheriff. If anyone knows of someone else running who is going to keep his (or her) oath to support and defend the Constitution, for real, let me know and I'll drop my run, happily. I feel that the only way to stop the runaway tyranny that has become our "ruling class" is to take back our country county by county, state by state. I am a student of liberty, you know, those things our founding fathers held dear. Well so do we all. I've even opened a Twitter account, big news for me that. @InfoSheriff.

Thanks, Frank J Garnick.

NJ2SA #6913444 OK #012185 NRA #169763416

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As regards CJRPC, I plan joining the end of this month anyhow. Al's speech on Feb 8th helped fire me up for the run. I've got half the signatures I need to get on the ballot on June 4th. I'll be sending letters off to various RKBA organizations this week. Thanks for the moral support. My "competitor" has alot of backing, but is he really pro 2A?

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