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STATEHOUSE FEB 13TH - merged threads

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and the loopholes begin



get your buddies to chip in



I've heard that those printed mags are easily breakable. I wouldn't really depend on that to hold up well to repeated use.

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Max, you're being paged.


Max was taken away by njpilot an hour or so ago. =) Sorry boys. Did not expect it to last this long. I really wanted to testify, but I will make it a point to mail it to them all.


I expect the bills to come out of committee.... tonight our battle starts, to hammer the ENTIRE Assembly on these!

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I was there, we spent 5 hours standing out in the cold because the building reached capacity and they wouldnt let anybody else in unless somebody came out and you took their place.


We had a little mini rally of our own while outside, a speaker and microphone were brought out for those who wished to share stories, opinions, and their prepared speeches.



From what I understood was going in side was a complete circus, they actually had the audicity to say - this is taking to long, we are going to sign off on everything and pass it, then you guys can talk..... COMPLETE WTF


Kangaroo Court !



This was the OVERFLOW of people left outside in the cold after we filled up the main hearing room and 2 or 3 additional over flow rooms in the building..




Wow, very nice, and to think middle of the week, during normal work hours and the turnout was that good. It gives me hope, hope that come election time, we can do something about having the same boobs in office again. I sure think between all of us and the other hunting clubs joining together we can have an impact if we keep going at this pace. Time for a mass education of the uninformed.



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I don't think they can vote on these tomorrow. According to the NJLeg site, they can't have a second and third reading (vote after the third reading) on the same day unless 3/4 of the house agrees to vote on it. I'm not positive, but that's how it reads to me.



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