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hello from lindenwold/cherry hill

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hi all,


i actually found this forum totally and completley by accident, looking for nj's laws.


i live in lindenwold(a goodly portion of this once quiet town is going down the pooper fast), and own a repair shop in cherry hill. i've lived here most of my life, 'cept for the 9 years i was married, back in the 80's. i've owned my shop since march of 2008. i bought a failing shop, and have built it up to almost be profitable. it will be soon.


guess that's all there is to post for now.

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1LtCap... cherry hill resident here. Are you a square circle member? I was... past tense. Was wondering where and what your shop was about, good idea to support forum members.



i am not as yet. i'm going to try to join. my aunts father used to be a member, but he passed away over the summer. i had shot a couple of their 3d archery shoots when they had em open for guests, and i went to one or two of their coon shoots(night time 3d archery), which were FUN.

my uncle still knows some members, so as soon as he comes back from florida, he's gonna put the word in for me before i go over there.


my shop is an automotive repair shop. i work on just about everything, except for audis. don't like them, have massive trouble finding repair and/or diagnostic information on them, so i simply avoid em.


thanks guys!!

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im from ashland where is your repair shop


hi george,


hopefully i'm not overstepping forum bounds here? i'm on the corner of brace and kresson about 100 yards up from kaminskis, at the citgo station. i worked for the guy that used to one the place from 96 till 06. in 08, i heard rumors it may be up for sale, and suddenly here i am owning my own place. i work harder/longer than when iw as working for someone else, and still can't afford a full time mechanic besides myself.....but the important part is that it's MINE :D


stop in and say hi, any time ya like. i sometimes am a bit overwhelmed, and get a little "short", but i try to never let that happen.





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