Shotgun Shootout! March 9th at Clinton WMA

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This months shootout is going to be saturday March 9th. It's been on sundays for the past couple months so we will change it up to offer people who work on sundays the chance to join this time.


We have been limiting the day to clays the past few months (not really any .22 time after), but if you'd like, feel free to bring any .22's and head over to the rifle range after.




Clinton WMA clay range in Clinton, NJ



26 New Jersey 173

Hampton, NJ 08827



Saturday March 6th



9am at the Clay range



Please try and bring everything you can in terms of a gun, ammo, and clays.


A rough check list of what to bring:

- Gun(s)

- Ammo (birdshot #7, 7.5, 8)

- Misc gun cleaning/lubing stuff

- Clays

- Thrower if you have one

- Eyes and ears

- Shell pouch

- Beverages/snacks

- Layer up and bring a warm jacket/gloves/hat depending on weather

- Chair


If you can't bring some things, we will have plenty of stuff there. If you've never shot a shotgun before, I and others will try working with you to be able to dust a clay by the end of the day!


Gun rules to remember:


Always treat a gun as if it was loaded

Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot

Never point the muzzle at anything you're not willing to destroy

Always be aware of you're target/line of fire

For this range, keep all guns unloaded until you're on the firing line


Be smart, be safe, and we will have a fun-filled day!


Please feel free to post up with any questions or suggestions.



1. RecessedFilter

2. Millsan

3. Loffkat

4. Fishnut

5. NightProwler

6. TBill +2

7. Lownslow

8. SirRobertJames

9. Lalo

10. JOdoubleE

11. GeorgeHM

12. SixtyTwo327

13. Holeshot

14. AnthonyC83

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Me and the boys (2) will be there.


Any interest in setting up a pseudo trap range on one end? I can do it with the atlas thrower.


Still waiting on the birds/shot quote possibly tomorrow.


I have a bunch of birds and no thrower. Be happy to join up


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