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National Day of Resistance - Saturday 2/23/13

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    • By PD2K
      A List of the Companies Cutting Ties With the N.R.A.
      For me the only one that really hurts is Delta/United since they only game in town for the NY/NJ area. Maybe Metlife and Chubb too.
      Mods please move if posted in wrong section.
    • By Scorpio64
      You may be asking yourself, what does the bump stock ban have to do with you, especially if you dont own a bump stock. Well, if you own any semi auto rifle, it has more to do with you than you may think. In this video, MAC (Military Arms Channel) and ATF employee Rick Vasquez discuss the long reaching, and likely overreaching, authority of the ATF to regulate without legislation and how political parties use a little known backdoor to regulate without public discourse in Congress. There is also a Q&A from internet viewers.

      In a nutshell, every semi auto rifle will be affected by the proposed regulations concerning bump stocks, even if you don't own one. Among other things, ATF is now talking about regulating SA triggers and reset times. Bottom line here, the bump stock ban is not just about bump stocks. I believe it's important for you to see this, and I ask that you share this video to help get the word out.

      Here is a link to GOA where they briefly outline the ban, it's implications and a link to ATF where you can leave a comment.
    • By HBecwithFn7
      CT Gov. to sign EO prohibiting gun permits to those on the terror watch/No Fly Lists...
      Cue the Lawyers!  Will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Especially since, I believe, those lists are "names only" and not "individual identities" (i.e. name + soc. sec. + address + phone, etc.)... 

    • By JibbaJabba
      Gun confiscation is one step closer in Connecticut. The mainstream media spins it as “one more chance” for non-compliant gun owners who failed to register their scary guns before the January 1 deadline.
      In reality, these letters - 106 to rifle owners, and 108 more to residents with standard capacity magazines – are the first step in the Connecticut State Police beginning to round up guns arbitrarily made illegal last year in that state. These guns include America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 and magazines over 10 rounds, which include the standard capacity magazines made for that America’s favorite rifle.
      Failure to register is now a felony now in Connecticut.
      How long will it be before there is bloodshed over this law? We’re not sure, but we’re confident it is coming unless the law is rescinded or struck down by the courts.
      Mike Vanderboegh of the edgy Sipsey Street Irregulars released an open letter a couple of weeks ago, warning of what’s coming to Connecticut. The Connecticut State Police aren’t listening. Yet.
      We suspect attitudes may change after the first few rounds of bloodshed.
      As it stands right now, the best estimates are that 4% of newly-regulated guns and magazines in The Nutmeg State have been registered, leaving a hundred thousand or more newly classified potential felons looking over their shoulder.
      Editor’s note: We’re not going to link to the article because they are hiding most of the content behind a paywall and we won’t drive thousands of readers to their website.
      One more chance for gun owners
      Posted: Monday, February 24, 2014 3:35 pm | Updated: 3:36 pm, Mon Feb 24, 2014.
      Manchester, CT (Journal Inquirer) – When state officials decided to accept some gun registrations and magazine declarations that arrived after a Jan. 4 deadline, they also had to deal with those applications that didn’t make the cut.
      The state now holds signed and notarized letters saying those late applicants own rifles and magazines illegally.
      But rather than turn that information over to prosecutors, state officials are giving the gun owners a chance to get rid of the weapons and magazines.
      This entry was posted on February 24, 2014 at 5:55 pm and is filed under Blog. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
      100 letters don't seem like much, but it might be their strategy to tackle a little at a time when it comes to the overall 100k non-compliant gun owners. I'm giving strong consideration to the idea of making future purchases outside state lines.
    • By bhunted
      Fellow Bikers and 2A Supporters....
      I've been tossing this idea around for awhile and wasn't sure exactly how to go about it and if I did, would it be worth the trouble.
      I thought about the idea of a 2nd Amendment Motorcycle Club... I thought maybe starting one from the ground up, but it's a heavy task. But I did find a club in the mid-west that have already started one and only has 2 chapters...
      So my thoughts and questions to you biker bros....
      1) Would you be interested in something like this?
      2) If so, would you be willing to partake in the club as an officer or just member?
      3) This would not be a 1% club or any form of illegal out-law club. Strictly family oriented and completely legal.
      4) We'd have our own colors/rocker...
      5) We'd accept any motorcycle over 500cc...
      What gave me this idea as some of you may know and not know, I'm one of the early Patriot Guard Riders, (PGR)... a group that was developed to support our military and families. (Go to patriotguard.org for details if you are interested)..
      The PGR's mission as to what this new club's mission would be. Except we'd be taking and supporting a Pro-Gun attitude that supports all facets of the 2A....
      To understand things a little better. One thing the PGR does is form flag lines between protesters and funerals. We've have groups I won't mention that enjoys protesting at fallen soldiers funerals with out right BS... Saying they are glad they died etc... I don't want this thread to turn into anything relating to the PGR. I'm using the PGR as an example of what I'm going to say next.
      The new MC would be similar. We can ride with flags in hand and on bike to rallies, protests, etc... Form lines of flags depicting the USA and the 2A... A good example would be the recent support of 2A members outside local political offices where anti-gun folk showed up to protest against the 2A and we showed up in force, PEACEFULLY and showed our support. Protesters chanting their BS would be handled the same way we do it at the PGR, rev our engines and drown them out. All this can be done without speaking a word.
      OK, so you get the gist of it....
      If this all sounds plausible, let me know what you think. I would hope the founders of the NJGF would support this idea and be one of our sponsors in some way along with Frank and the 2AS...
      I have an established club in mind and all I'd have to do is contact them requesting information to start our own chapter. In fact, if this pans out, I'd like to have 2 NJ Chapters... one in North Jersey and one in South Jersey. Each chapter would have their own officers and such...
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    • This is true, but if you look at those people, they seem to be your average middle class Joe6pack, not one offs.. Very few know what a silver/gold coin actually is, and even fewer know what they are worth. That's why using them will be really tough. Here's two more videos, one for a 1/10 gold coin versus candy bar, and the other, a 1 oz gold coin for $25. It will amaze you the stupidity of the sheep... Offering random people a free 1/10 ounce gold coin (worth around $140.00) or a free Snickers bar, Mark Dice tries to sell a 1 ounce solid gold coin for $25 outside of a coin shop in San Diego, CA. HINT- It's worth WAY more than $25, but does anyone want it?  
    • That video shows what idiots the general populace truly are!  Note that none of the lucky winners chosen were wearing a Yarmulke!
    • I am the boss so they would not dare go near my car!  As far as the rally goes, some 100,000 tickets were issued for a 7,500 seat venue! Those who get in will have to be in line at least 12 hours before.....I will watch it on TV if Fox airs it, which they usually don't anymore!
    • Need a wrench to do some wheel changing.  I have one somewhere in my hoarders mess of a garage.  Just need a wrench/breaker bar for a one off.  150lb+ ideally.   Also will buy it outright if you prefer.
    • So, who's actually going?
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