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by Rich Petkevis, Director of Media Relations New Jersey Second Amendment Society



MANAHAWKIN - The New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) is pleased to announce that 8 more towns have agreed to comply with NJ state law and remove their illegal additional forms when applying for a NJ Firearms ID card and/or NJ Permit to Purchase a Pistol. These towns are:








Franklin (Hunterdon)

In most cases, the town and/or chief of police were cooperative and agreed with NJ2AS after reviewing our complaint. We thank them for their professionalism and support.

Operation Establish Compliance (OEC) is an ongoing project of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society which seeks to notify municipal police departments who are in violation of NJ state law with regard to firearms permitting and help them correct their procedures. Since 2011, twenty towns have agreed to comply with NJ state law thanks to OEC.

NJ State Law says:

2C:58-3f. ... There shall be no conditions or requirements added to the form of content of the application, or required by the licensing authority for the issuance of a permit or identification card, other than those that are specifically set forth in this chapter.

There are municipal police departments that violate this statute as a matter of policy. NJ2AS has seen some of these additional forms, many of which have nothing to do with firearms. If you are a NJ resident who is applying for your firearms identification card or permit to purchase a hand gun, the only forms required by the NJ State law are the SP-66 "Consent For Mental Health Records Search", and S.T.S 033 "Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit".

If your town requires extra paperwork, please visit the Operation Establish Compliance link on the NJ2AS web site (www.nj2as.com) for information regarding what you can do to help correct this problem.

For more information on Operation Establish Compliance, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, to sign up for membership or free email alerts, please visit our web site at www.nj2as.com .


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I have a few questions:


How many municipalities are there in NJ?

How long will it take to get the whole state to comply?

Is there not a quicker way to make this happen?

Where does the lawsuit stand regarding the release of the "Application Guide" for LEA?

What would happen should the guide be released to the general public by an anonymous source?

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Great Job!! Maybe another thread could be about Local municipalities who do a great job. Not always good to call out the bad one's without giving the good one's some thanks. I can tell you Raritan Township (Hunterdon County) are fantastic. Quick, easy and super nice and helpful. So a thank you to Raritan Township PD!!!

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Great Job NJ2AS! Very happy to be a member and that this is getting done on a local level like this. 8 more towns go down ad have to stop theor illegal infringement on the law-abiding people of New Jersey! :hunter:

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    • By Tactical Monkey
      I will get to the ammo in a second...
      A lot can be said about the various 2nd Amendment groups within the state of NJ, along with those on a national level.  In a perfect world they would join forces, put aside differences, and strive to move NJ to be more in line with the rest of the country in regards to 2nd Amendment rights & freedoms.  But whether or not you agree with any particular groups tactics or methods, these are the people who are fighting our battles for us.
      NJ2AS is running a "matching donation" event till January 2nd, 2016.  This was sent out as an email blast which can be seen below.
      Depending on your caliber of choice three boxes of ammo is roughly $30 to $45 (re-loaders aside).  Instead of spending that money on more ammo, this should be viewed as an opportunity to help further the cause of a 2nd Amendment group in NJ.  And with matching donations, your giving twice the assistance.
      I have "put your money where your mouth is" by making a $45 donation, and I ask of you to do the same.  New Jersey Gun Forums could be a powerful force if we could stand together.  I am hoping this is a start.
      The Email from NJ2AS is pasted below:
      2015 has been an excited year of activism for the NJ2AS. We are quickly becoming known as the "Pit Bulls" for the Second Amendment in NJ and rightfully so. Instead of shifting blame and pointing the finger we are attacking the problem and standing up for our rights without compromise.

      Locally and nationally people are recognizing our activism but we need your help and support to continue to defend our civil rights. Unlike the unAmericans who hate our freedoms and rights we do not have billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg funding our campaigns.

      The attacks against us will get worse in 2016 so that is why I need your help. The ability to continue and expand our activism and programs rely solely on your donations.

      A group of generous donors have agreed to match your donation till January 2, 2016! This is an incredible opportunity and I hope we can depend on your support to make 2016 even more amazing!

      Also, anyone who makes a $150+ donation will receive a signed copy of Brian Aitken's book, The Blue Tent Sky, AND a signed copy of Alan Gottlieb's book, Shooting Blanks: Facts Don't Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd. This offer is only available to the first 20 donors.

      You can donate by clicking the DONATE tab at the top right corner of this e-mail or by visiting: http://NJ2AS.com/Donate 

      I hope I can count on you for your support!

      Alexander Roubian
      NJ2AS President
      Thank you for reading this and your consideration  - Tactical Monkey
    • By kwadz
      Cherry Hill just announced a new Chief of Police, Capt. William "Bud" Monaghan.  I was wondering if anyone knows him personally or knows anything about him.  We're hoping he's 2A friendly, but he hasn't been tested, yet, to my knowledge.  As you guys probably already know, for FID/PPP, Cherry HIll currently requires an illegal and frustrating consent form for next-of-kin (aka Spousal Consent Form) and they also require both the next-of-kin (normally the spouse) and both references to have their forms notarized before they are accepted.  I was typically getting (relatively reasonable) 2-3 month turn-arounds on my requests, but this time I didn't place any status calls along the way, just to see how long it would take.  I submitted my forms in July (and my references got their forms back right away) and I have yet to hear from the PD so far (as of 12/9/13).  If this new Chief of Police is more 2A friendly than his predecessor, we may have some opportunity for an easy and amicable outcome with NJ2AS's Operation Establish Compliance (OEC) which has not taken on Cherry Hill, so far.   http://www.cherryhill-nj.com/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=418    
    • By oldguysrule649
      Tonight is the NJ2AS Year End meeting, taking place in Tom's River.  7:30 PM to 10:00 PM.
      I have registered and am planning to attend.  Anyone else planning to attend?  (I hope a bunch.)
      Would be great to meet and introduce ourselves.
      regards,  Art
    • By NJ2AS News

      October 2, 2013

      On Tuesday, October 1, 2013, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) filed a "friend of the Court" brief in a State Supreme Court appeal challenging New Jersey's "justifiable need" requirement to obtain a Permit to Carry a Handgun.  The Plaintiff, Richard Pantano, is being represented by Evan Nappen, noted civil rights attorney and close friend and supporter of NJ2AS.   
      Click this link to read the entire post and view the brief.
    • By NJ2AS News
      For the latest news from NJ2AS, please visit our blog by clicking on this link.
      Recent posts include the July Monthly Newsletter, the announcement about Evan Nappen's "Justifiable Need" appeals case, and comments by NJ2AS President Frank Fiamingo regarding Sheila Oliver's comment on the Constitution being "irrelevant".
      To stay up to date with what's going on, please visit www.nj2as.com and join or sign up for the email alerts.
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