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    • Anybody catch the VICE episode from last week on HBO? It's called "Future of Firearms"  (Season 5 Ep. 15). I thought it was a great little informative piece you can also watch on the HBO Go App if you don't have HBO. Anyways, below is a description of the episode. Check it out!  "The firearms industry experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade. Fear of government regulation drove much of that growth as President Obama repeatedly tried to pass gun control laws in the aftermath of numerous mass shootings. Now, with the political landscape fundamentally changed, the industry, and gun rights advocates, are looking for new ways to expand upon their 2nd amendment rights and the bottom line - with some surprising results. VICE takes a closer look at the future of firearms in America."
    • No they do not. GPS does recruit top talent for their state, regional, and national teams however you have to pay extra for that.   Manalapan Soccer Club is supposed to be a non-profit in town club. They are trying to compete with Sportika which is a pseudo academy. A lot of that has to do with personal issues between executive board members and Sportika because MSC feels Sportika stole entire teams. They didn't steal anything. Parents that want to get ripped off chose to go there. Parents of children who are top talent go to real academies like Cedarstars, Red Bulls, and PDA.   MSC receives taxpayer benefits. Sportika does not. MSC is supposed to be a reasonably priced option for the children of Manalapan. In order for them to receive the taxpayer benefits 85% of teams must be Manalapan Residents.   Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk          
    • Maybe a stupid question, but does Manalapan recruit and offer reduced fees for what they perceive as "top talent"? 
    • They have a machine. We have a bicycle. He has the support of Hollywood, the media and Washington insiders like BHO. We can't even all agree that we should vote for her. It's a game of attrition played by expert tactiticians on one side and three kids with a frisbee on the other. Since the republican contingency isn't getting anything, it's tough to round us up and get us to vote. We have distinct groups that figh each other t, they have single mindedness of purpose.  Anything/anyone v. Trump.  During the '16 election, the feminist rhetoric was at a fever pitch. Pissy pussy hats, etc. Yet in Georgia nary a word from femisnists. In NJ, where are the pro-women demonstrators? Where's the shatter the glass ceiling? Nope, crickets. Their ideology, principals and doctrine are fluid to the whims of the elite. We argue the finer points of RINOism, republican progressives and evangelicals. Have you seen and public "he's not progressive enough" bullshit from the left? BHO was a disappointment to hard lefties, where were the head lines? You know that the socialists didn't vote for Trump, yet a ton of conservatives didn't vote for Trump either. It's simple black and white, market share theology where numbers are all that matter. We gots some learnin' to do and quick.  We try to make them understand, they will say anything keep them in the dark and vote against their interests.  The stodgy old republican establishment, you know the ones that didn't go to the convention, needs to die off. We need people that can type with their thumbs. Relentless marketers that have one goal, win. Fuck ideology.  Contraception? Free box of rubbers with every six pack or bottle of vodka.  Single Moms? Tax credits for transparent stilleto heels.  Gays? Paint over the gold leaf on the capital with a rainbow.  Minorities? Unshackle NJ businesses from the oppressive tax system so that hiring starts again. Of course I'm being facetious, except for the last one. But Dems will say anything to get a vote. Remember ObamaPhones? How nuts was that? All marketing.  Stop Murphy at all costs. I realize that all this could be seen as selling out. I see it as buying in.   if we don't, they win.  
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