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Finally applied for a FID

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Good luck, I don't know the process for Howell. Now what kind of scatter gun are you thinking about!


The guns in order of interest atm...

http://www.winchesterguns.com/products/catalog/detail.asp?family=021C&mid=512257 - Winchester SXP field/camp combo, also like the defender.

http://www.benelliusa.com/shotguns/benelli-nova-pump-tactical.php - Benelli Nova

http://www.weatherby.com/product/shotguns/pump_tr/pa08_tr - Weatherby PA-08 TR


I like the combo, as I want to learn to hunt. Barrels on the other 2 guns shown can be switched out from what I have read.


I haven't ruled out any gun yet honestly. I want to go check out as much as possible. Whatever feels best and shoulders nicely I suppose.

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Getting prints done on the 8th. Does anyone know if Howell waits to send out the reference letters until fingerprinting is done? Itching to get this all taken care of so I can go looking for my first shotgun.

in pretty sure they do wait.. my prints were done 1/22 and the reference letters were not sent out until 2/6... they had the prints back by then..


no worries, Howell is pretty good compared to others (especially jackson).. initial FID and 2 permits in 6 weeks.. what will take the longest is the mental health check which is done by monmouth county

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