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    • Not gonna happen.  Goya is huge.  A few thousand useful idiots boycotting won't even be a blip on the radar.  There are at least as many gringos that eat Goya as there are illegal aliens here.  I'm going to watch Goya stock.  If it goes down significantly, I'm going to buy. It's sad when they eat their own. In any case, I've been supporting Goya for decades.  Best dry and canned beans, and the seasoned rice dishes in a box are tits.
    • Less than 100$ for 9 mm dies.    Dont let them control you. Yes vladtepes.  I have my last child 3 years now graduating from highschool.   Nc is my next home.  Im a bit different from most.  I farm nursery stock.   So its not a quick move for me.  
    • no worries.. I get it.. again the point was simply to give anyone a heads up that really needed ammo.. not to have some endless debate on how much of a death blow I levied against second amendment progression by buying some ammo.. LOL  I know how to reload.. I used to reload 40.. and switched to shooting 9mm.. and just never got supplies for 9mm... obviously once all this nonsense is over I will get some 9mm supplies.. 
    • Learn to reload.  Im faaaaar from stranded for ammo.  I dont rely on the big box stores.   Wise up brethren 
    • I gave a couple hundred dollars to a company that is anti 2A.... your argument... that money goes to hurt our rights...  OK.. fair enough but...  YOU LIVE IN A STATE THAT IS ACTIVELY DESTROYING 2A... and you fund them.. directly.. you pay them to oppress you....  how do you stand on ANY ground to call me out over buying ammo... its obscene.. LOL if you really believe all you say.. pack your stuff and leave NJ.. stop paying taxes.. stop funding the machine that is ACTIVELY killing 2A rights.. let me guess.. there is some "reason" that absolves you from scrutiny.. its too hard to move? you have kids in school? have a job that you dont want to lose? how many non-essential life sustaining things in NJ have you purchased and paid tax on that you didn't really need.. money that went right to that anti-2A org.. the NJ government..  I dont care about being right... I care that you are making ridiculous statements without even the slightest self reflection... how many THOUSANDS of dollars have you given to the NJ gov.. and what have they given you.. how "PRO 2A" are they... 
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