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Oaks Gun Show - Philly Expo Center

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Went to the gun show. Many many AR PMags for sale, both 20 and 30 round. Many 1000 round boxes, 500 cans, and 420 cans of 5.56. They should change the name of the show to "AR Lovers Paradise". Can't find a Smith revolver worth a damn in the whole place. Walked out with some rare mags, no ammo, and some snap caps.


Ammo prices are high. 223 and 556 is around $1 for 500 or under, "deals" on 1000 rounds or more. I saw packages for 5000 rounds, and people with hand trucks hauling out boxes of the stuff. They're probably gonna paint it green, and call it Zombie Ammo. You know, for the "Zombie Apocalypse"....

How much were the pmags? Haha

I probably dont want to hear that answer....

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Thank you for clarifying. I was under the impression gun shows sales all were deemed "private sales" in PA, but that seems to be incorrect.


Even PA walmarts were all out of ammo.... Cabella's had some stuff, didn't go up there though.

If the seller has an FFL, you have an FID card, and it's a NJ legal long gun, you can buy it from them and bring it home with you.

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