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    • I was wondering why this story didn't get more legs in the media, maybe this was why. The Milwaukee man who killed five co-workers at a beer company’s corporate office is a black Elizabeth Warren supporter, providing a clue as to why the mass shooting disappeared from the discussion so quickly. 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill showed up at the MillerCoors facility from where he had been fired earlier in the day wearing his uniform and carrying a silenced gun. It subsequently emerged that Ferrill was an African-American Elizabeth Warren supporter (presuming that Ferrill shared the same political beliefs as his wife, who took a selfie with Warren at a rally last year). “Ferrill’s wife posted photos of her family and expressing liberal political views,” confirms Heavy.com. “In July 2019, Ferrill’s wife attended a speech by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren at South Division High School Gym in Milwaukee. Following the speech, Ferrill’s wife took a photo with the Massachusetts senator.” https://summit.news/2020/02/27/milwaukee-mass-shooter-is-a-black-elizabeth-warren-supporter/
    • I have a 2010 SLT I've had since new. Love the truck. Got the hemi because you need a hemi. Other then the recall on the rear pinion nut, I've had zero problems with it. My only gripe was the headlights sux. I swapped them out for HIDs and never looked back. Well worth the cost. At least with my old eyes anyway. I did have a keyfob crap out. It would start the truck but non of the buttons worked. Don't go to a dealer for one! Or get one on ebay. (BTDT) Had one and it left me stranded. I found a locksmith the has genuine Mopar keyfobs. I think I paid $75 for one.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Oh, and everyone knows nothing rusts as bad a Ford. That why there's so many new ones around.    
    • They are pretty active up here this time of year, mating season is just about to start.
    • Fisher cats are rarely seen. My stepmom and dad (god rest his soul) caught one briefly on a Blink Camera in the Live Oak tree on their deck. He’s quick!      IMG_4035.MP4
    • Yeah my dachshund definatly thinks and acts like hes a guard dog, he charged a fisher cat last night, it turned and went after him. The vizsla came in for the save and treed the fisher cat. Luger is lucky hes got backup.  20171023_080323.mp4
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