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1918 1903 Springfield

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I went to a local auction yesterday and picked this bad boy up. It is a 1903 Springfield made in 1918. Barrel is MINT and gauges excellent. Still in cosmo. Not bad for $525.


and of course when 16" bayonets were going for the price of a regular bayonet, one had to come home with me

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[quote name='usnmars' timestamp='1364159668' post='674429']
and to think i didn't even get to the "experimental" Enfield bayonet that I got for $60 or the [color=#ff0000]$100 M3 Fighting knife.[/color]....... or some of the other gems from yesterday. It was a good day indeed.
[/quote]That was the real score yesterday..........had a great time as well, we all came home with some nice stuff.

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