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5.11 will offer a 20% discount on May 11th (5/11)

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I just stopped into a local Police / EMS uniform supplier and was checking out a 5.11 Rush 72 Pack and the store owner told me that if I was interested and could wait until May 11th to buy it, I could save 20%. He said he would hold it for me and then ring up the sale that day. Very nice gesture, but they didn't have the color I seek...only black in stock.


So, if you have a piece of gear in mind and what to take a gamble to save 20%, here is your warning.

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Who knows about these marketing gimmicks...


I saw that coupon for 20% off that expired yesterday but that was buying at full MSRP at the mothership. This place had the packs about 10 to 15 percent off (still no bargain) and if they bump another 20% then that is a good deal to buy locally. Plus, I'd rather buy local then online. The other bonus, the wife doesn't ask what's in the UPS box...it goes from the trunk to the shed.


FWIW - I have been using their messenger bag for almost 2 years of pretty hard daily use. It replaced a Condor bag that was stolen, but was starting to fall apart after only about 6 months of use. Other then betting dirty, the thing has held up real good. I use mine for a tool box, a pc bag, a man-purse etc. I'm not a fan-boy of 5.11, but when you get a good deal on their stuff, it is decent gear.

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