Chest rigs, plate carriers and 'war belts'

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14 hours ago, High Exposure said:

Steel armor that is designed to be armor is fine. Don't buy re-purposed targets.

Weight is a concern, but safety is the primary concern. AR500 flat sucks for armor. There are better choices out there at similar price points.


Hesco plates - $129

Not steel and good quality.

What carrier goes with this?

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12 hours ago, fatty said:

Banshee is nice.

Are you going to wait for black friday deals?  Im sure there will be a ton

AR500 has pre black Friday sales. I'm going to check now for Spartan. I like the Banshee. I'm set on that as long as I can do plates and trauma pads. 


Spartan has deals 23rd-27th. 

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