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Home brew club? Yes, I'm the president of the Gloucester County Homebrewers. I'm an all grain batch sparge brewer. Buy grain in bulk and re-use your yeast and you can be making 5 gallon batches for way under $20 per batch. I have a 40.5 gallon pot and a 192 qt cooler/mash tun for big batches but normally only brew 5 or 10 gallon batches. Going to brew a pale ale today.

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Sometimes I use Battleview Orchards and sometimes I use regular apple juice (NO preservatives), I don't boil nuthin. Same carboy (5 gallon water bottles, cheap) for entire fermentation. Throw a lock on top and good to go. One point to remember, champagne yeast does not make for an effervescent cider (shocking) so if you sugar the bottles it wont work with regular apple juice. Battleview or a similar unprocessed sweet cider with it's unknown natural yeast content WILL get very bubbly if you sugar the bottles.

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I am trying to find some spare time to brew up another IPA.  Got a few other brews I need to do right behind that one.  I make my own wine, got quite a few full carboys in various stages of fermenting.  Got some mead going. 


And I even have 3 gallons of carrot wine fermenting because I told my wife you can make wine from almost anything, and she was cutting up carrots at the time, so she said "how about these?" while holding a carrot.  Not being the kind of person to accept defeat on a challenge, I made some.  I racked it about a month ago and tasted it, not too shabby.  I expect it to get much better with age.  And if it does not get better, I will tell the wife "its not ready yet" if she ever asks me.

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