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12 days, Time of Day? Weekends?

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Hi Everybody,


So, I purchased a brand spanking new P229 on Monday, the 15th of April. I am extremely excited, as i'm sure you all can understand. This will be my first handgun.


In any event, I too, am now one of those waiting on a miserable NICS check. I was wondering when those of you got the call from your LGS that the NICS was cleared. Was it during the morning, afternoon, or at night? Also, does anybody know if they are also sending back approvals during the weekends? I'd just really love to get a call tomorrow on my day off (Saturday), and was wondering if that was a possibility!


Let me know.


Thanks in advance for any replies,



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My past 2 NICS calls were received around 1:00-2:00 timeframe during the week. I think that was more from the LGS calling buyers in batch to pickup. NICS is open until 5 today, so there is a good possibility today you might get the call.


Great pick for a first gun. Good Luck with it and welcome to the 2A family.

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Congrats, and welcome to the crazy NJ gun law joke. What part of "Instant" does our stupid state not get?


This is just my first handgun, i'm well aware of the joke that is New Jersey's gun laws lol..


Update... no call today. Tomorrow is Sunday. So, i guess i'll be crossing my fingers on day 14 (Monday)...

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Long time lurker... figured I'd jump in on this thread.

Bought my first handgun this past Sat. a Springfield 1911. Did a ton a research and super excited to get it.

Store owner siad NCS checks are running upward of 10-14 days right now.... well, I guess if I waited this long, whats another couple weeks? T.T

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    • By confusedabout
      I am legally in USA since 2004, I am waiting for my permanent resident card from the immigration dept. I have work permit, SS #, NJ Drivers license and I own a house in NJ too.I am a law abiding tax paying family man. In the mean time I got my firearm ID card from New Jersey and tried to by a gun. By mistake I answered NO to question 11.l, and NICS denied my transaction. I was supposed to answer Yes to question 11.l and show my NJ hunting license at question 20c.
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      What happens if my P2P expires (it was already extended for 90 days) after the NICS check is started but before the state police approves it (which I have heard is now taking over 2 weeks)? Would I have to start over again and apply for new permits? Will the FFL hold the pistol for a few months until I get the new permits (it was already paid for)?
      And I always thought the I in NICS stood for Instant! My bad.
    • By Walt of Destiny
      Hello, First post. Great site.
      After the tragedy, the 2 PPs that I had renewed once became treasures. So I went to Luciano's in WP and tried to purchase a new Sig. They were unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable. However I was told that the NJ NICS system was down since last Friday. I was aghast, and they called it in front of me and several other patrons. Sure enough the recording said that the system was unavailable and that they would not be charged for the call.
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