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Cabelas - Hamburg, PA Shelves getting restocked

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Drove out to Cabelas in Hamburg, PA this morning.

Arrived around 9:30am to find 9mm and .45 acp being restocked.


Shelves were still mostly empty but there was;

Herters(Blaser) Alum. 9mm for 12.99

Herters brass 9mm for 14.99

Herters Alum. .45acp for 21.99

Rem 100rnd .45acp for 51.99

Some .32 acp and .380

Lots of .40 S&W in green plastic ammo cans

Some 10mm

.223 and 5.56 in 20rd boxes was on shelves. PMC, Herters and "nato grey box" whatever that was.

tons of 7.62x39 and .308/7.62

Shotgun ammo shelves were fully stocked.


When I arrived there was also quite a bit of CCI Mini-Mags .22lr HP in 100rd and 325rd boxes. Sadly by 11:00am the .22lr ammo was all gone.



Herters 115gr brass 9mm on the shelves

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They have a limit of 5boxes of any caliber/brand combo but honestly, what is preventing you from buying 5 boxes going to your car then coming back and buying 5 more?


Unfortunately i do not remember the CCI Mini-Mag prices. I want to say 7.99 or 8.99/100 but don't hold me to it.


By 10:30am there was a crowd in the ammo aisles but at 9:30am it was me and maybe 3 other guys looking at ammo.

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