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Your Firearms Wishlist

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Yep, shot both of these too, but the 249 SAW blew those away. One place in Vegas says they have an M60 you can rent, but didn't go there. That would be pretty damn cool.




Ive always wanted to shoot the m249... a few people I know in the services train with those and they say its awesome

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Attempting to be realistic..ish...?


Accuracy International AWP .308 26"

Savage 93R17TR .17HMR

AK-47 variant

Steyr USR

MSG90 (or at least PTR MSG91[sS] or [C])

Remington 700 Police

Lever action .357 mag



Benelli M3 Super 90 with full stock and pistol grip, and magazine extension (M2 or M4 would work, too)


Sig P220 Elite Dark

Sig M11

Sig P228 (stamped W German)

Sig P229

Glock 20

Glock 21

Glock 22



I've got a list of things I'm considering, but these are things I've been especially interested in getting...

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i'm going to make my list for over the next 3 years or so:


sig p226 in 9mm

sig sp2022 in 9mm

something in .45 acp, don't know if i want to go sig or 1911 on this

russian tt-33 or variant

glock 29


AR build for reliability w/ 16 inch barrel

AR build for accuracy w/ 18 or 20 inch barrel

AR-7 survival rifle


undecided bolt action rifle in .308 if ammo prices come down by the time i'm ready, .223 if they haven't



once i move out of this hell hole:


sig p224 for carry


converted saigas all the calibers (5.45, 7.62, 5.56 and 12 gauge)




now that i look back on the list i hardly think i could afford all that in 3 years, oh well lol

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So I can't own any of them (due to the whole FID and parent situation), but hopefully I'll be able to put some checkmarks on the list after next year:



HK USP 9mm (selling it, shot the best for me)

S&W M&P 40 (feels great, shoots well)

SIG P226 9mm (shot the 9mm P229, was a real soft shooter, can't wait to see the P226)

HK P30 9mm (a newer take on the USP)

HK Mark 23 (bigger is better)

Colt 1991 (an American classic)

HK P7M8 P7M10 or P7M13 (interesting mechanism)



PTR91 (99 cent magazines. Enough said)

MR556A1 (Need an AR15 of some sort, no?)

Remington 783 (cheap)

Steyr SSG 69 (sounds like an interesting, accurate rifle)

Ruger 10/22 (you gotta have at least one)



Ithaca 37 (Beautiful, beautiful shotgun. The blued finish, the engraving, everything. Looks like something you could pass down to your kids. Also is very ambidextrous, which is good since I'm cross eye dominant).

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I'm not buying anything soon so I'll just try to trick everybody else into buying what I want to shoot.




Ive always wanted to shoot the m249... a few people I know in the services train with those and they say its awesome


I carried one and wasn't a huge fan.  No problems, just heavy for the performance and hard to clean. There are lighter and more controllable MGs in that caliber.

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Let's try this again.

Here's the list (generally, but not necessarily in this order):



S&W 625-JM

Ruger SP101 .22LR 4.2”

Ruger SP101 .357 Mag 4.2”

Ruger SR 1911

Springfield 1911 Mil Spec

S&W 627 4"

Ruger Single 10 4.6” Blue

Ruger Blackhawk .357/9mm 4.6” Blue

S&W Model 10 .38sp 3 or 4” Blue

Ruger GP100 3” Blue

Ruger GP100 4.2” Target Grey



Glock 19

Glock 26

Ruger GP100 5”

FN Herstal FNX 45

Ruger Blackhawk .45/.45ACP 4.6” Blue

Ruger SRH Alaskan .454 Casull 2.5”

Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull 7.5”

Beretta 92FS/M9

Sig Sauer P226 Navy

Sig Sauer P220 Elite


Hi Point 4595TS Carbine

Mosin Nagant 91/30

Mosin Nagant 91/30 w/ Archangel Stock

Savage Mark II

S&W M&P Sport 5.56

Maverick HS12 O/U

Henry AR-7

Mossberg 590A

Savage 42 .22/.410 Comb O/U

Marlin 1894C .357 Mag

Ruger PC9 Carbine

Mossberg MVP Flex 5.56

Ruger American .308

Saiga AK conversion

Home build AR-15 5.56

AR-10 .308

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Are we permitted to list NFA items? 


If not, then:


  1. SIG P226 9mm Std. Black;
  2. A "compact" for carry in the SIG P290/Beretta PX4/Beretta NANO 9mm class;
  3. A Colt M4 6290 class Rifle (.223);
  4. Tac Ops Bravo-51 (for long range/sniper competitions);
  5. Perhaps some 12 Gauge for skeet (maybe Benelli with pistol grip).


If we can include NFA weapons (full autos):


  1. Ingram MAC-10;
  2. Std. M-16.

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Ive only been in this game for a few months so I'll just keep my list realistic, as in I plan on getting them within the next 2-3 years.



CZ75 9mm

1911 routine shooter to be determined

GI 1911 Vietnam era issue (my Dad carried one in country '66-67)

S&W 586 or 686

S&W 625



Ruger 10/22

Mosin/Nagant M44

M1 Garand

Bolt rifle in .308 TBD

12 ga shotgun TBD

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1. Springfield XD 9mm Service - (already at the FFL awaiting my permit). Will eventually add a Springer Precision trigger, and send to Robar/Springfield Custom for undercut trigger and grip reduction/treatment

2. Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite 9mm, with .22lr and .40sw conversion kits (.22lr to shoot cheap ammo and have something for new shooters that I bring to the range to start with, .40s&w just for the heck of it. 

3. Springfield XDs 9mm - Seems to fit the bill as a range-friendly carry gun. Liking the relatively smaller size with the added security of a grip safety, but still an enjoyable range shooter. 

4. S&W 686 Plus 3" barrel - Just to have a revolver in the collection. Something specific about the 3" barrel sings to me.

5. Steyr M9-A1 - Attracted to its relative uniqueness

6. Single stack 1911, TBD - Just to have a .45acp gun for variety


Long Guns

1. 14.5" carbine (already have a BCM upper and a matching fully assembled lower is at the FFL awaiting my FID)

2. 12 gauge Shotgun with 18.5" and 26"+ inch barrels, leaning toward a Winchester SXP

3. Longer-range AR with 18" barrel, TBD

4. Beretta CX4 Storm - because it's 9mm and looks badazz!

5. Bolt action rifles in .22lr and .308, TBD. Remington 700?


Guns I want but can't have in NJ

1. Any semi auto shotgun with a pistol grip/stock combo

2. 10.5" SBR with suppressor

3. Any full auto, though with the pricing I've seen, I don't think I could afford it even if I could have it.

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Here's what I "realistically" (kind of) hope to have before I die...



Original "Brown Bess" British Short Land Pattern musket

Original US Civil War rifle, Enfield or Springfield, or, really dreaming here, a Richmond!


WWI era:

Shootable Gew. 88 (working on a project to fulfill this)

Kar. 88

Gew. 98

Mosin Nagant M91

Pre-1918 Luger P-08


WWII era:

SVT-40, can be mismatch, Finn capture okay

Mosin Nagant M91/30 PU sniper

Nagant M95

Tokarev TT33 (non Russian okay)



M1 carbine


Thompson SBR, semi only okay

M1917 Victory





Finn Mosin

Arisaka carbine (M38 or M44)

Arisaka t99 last ditch



Walter P-38

FN Hi-Power

MP40 (Class 3... Someday!)



AR15 or if I really save, FN FS2000

Mossberg Persuader 20 ga.

AR10 scoped

Some kind of bolt action sniper system


Off the top of my head ;)

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Updating mine.


Desert Eagle 1911G - Full size 45 ACP gun, israeli made by BUL. Competition ready. Will buy when I find one used for a good price.
Desert Eagle 50 AE - Well... Gold Tiger Stripe.... yes I want one.
Smith Wesson 500 - Stupid fun toy revolver.
Smith Wesson 625 - 45 ACP/45 GAP revolver
Smith Wesson 610 - 10mm/40 S&W revo.

Smith Wesson 586 - nice blued one.
Revolver in 9mm or 38 super
Colt Python or almost any other revolver
Browning High Power - In particular, I want an FN made, German captured, and then used by Israeli IDF. Tons of history.
HK P30L - Only gun I regret selling, perfect SHTF handgun
CZ75 SP01 Custom - nice nice gun

Dragunov SVD/Tiger
IWI Tavor


Was able to pick up a new Desert Eagle 1911 and a CZ 75 SPO1 Shadow Custom.  Great guns.  Did add Smith Wesson 586 to the list.

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GP100 6" - this will be my first revolver and next purchase


PK30 9mm - the only gun I know of that feels and shoots better than my PPQ


226 - I thought a 92fs would cure me of wanting a 226, but it didn't work. One slipped through my hands a couple of years ago and it still pisses me off

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My list isn't to bad on the pricey side but with no job it's pretty rough lol.


Hand guns

.44 stainless barrel for my Desert Eagle

Any Revolver in .44

1911 in commander size

Possibly BFR .500

Nagant Pistol

Glock 21



Mossberg 500 cruiser

Henry or marlin lever 30-30

Any kind of AR



Think that'll do it

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Whitney Wolverine, polished.


586 4" no lock in really good shape. 


Might look at an AR of some type at some point.  I don't love them, but feel like I should own one.


Shot a really nice Winchester .308 semi auto yesterday.  Wouldn't mind one of those. 


Something in .338 Lapua.  I don't shoot long range but would like the option.  :maninlove:


I have a lot of what I want in pistols.  I like to shoot more than collect.  But, I'm sure that if I REALLY thought about it, I could come up with more to add.  Really what I want is a progressive press.  Ah well.  Next year.



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Non neutered normal priced firearms with standard capacity magazines enjoyed by the rest of America. Until such a time however:


AK 74 type rifle


Savage Arms 110 BA in 338 Lapua

Barret 82A1 CQ


Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Revolver

Glock 20

Chiappa White rhino 60DS


All doable with a little work except that pesky Barret.

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