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H and R Pardner Pump failure to eject/extract

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Re H and R Pardner 12g pump failing to extract/eject.


I have just solved a problem on my Pardner 12g pump 28".


I noticed that the ejector (which ends up in an indent of the chamber when the barrel is correctly emplaced on reassembly after cleaning) appeared to be too proud of the surface of the sidewall of the receiver.


The ejector projected too far into the chamber, physically blocking the chambered shell from moving rearwards, as the ejector jams the shell between it, the bolt face, the breech, and the extractor.


A gentle tap with a small punch reset the ejector back against the receiver wall so that there was only the usual small projection, enough that the ejector could now flick the case sideways, and the extractor could do it's part; grab and fling the case clear of the receiver.

Problem solved.


To stop this fault from happening, the shotgun must be carefully assembled, and the barrel guided slowly down so that the indent surrounds the ejector.


If the barrel is allowed to fall unguided into the receiver with a "Clank" the chances are great that some other part of the rear edge of the chamber will wedge the ejector off the receiver wall and too far into the chamber, with results as above.


This fault could also occur intermittently if the loosened ejector moves randomly in and out between shots...same jamming, usually resolved by "mortaring" the butt.

Violence moves the ejector back..until it comes back out again some time later.





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Do you think the ejector, or its groove are out of spec? Can you buy a new ejector and try it out? Is that one that interchanges with a REM 870. I'm not sure what to do if it is the groove out of spec.

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Neither, the problem is the care taken in reassembly.

The groove cut in the rear edge of the chamber, which is part of the barrel, is wide enough to take the ejector, every time IF the barrel is guided down so that the indent fits neatly over the ejector which is pinned and stationary on the wall of the receiver .

Letting the barrel fall how it may will almost always result in some other part of the back edge of the breech/chamber hitting the ejector and wedging it out into the chamber.

This then stops the round, whether fired or not, from being able to be extracted back far enough for the front of the round to clear the breech, thereby "locking it up". Which is usually solved by smashing the butt on the ground. (mortaring)

That usually allows that round to be ejected, but does nothing to fix the actual problem.

So if you have a Pardner pump that will not eject then extract the case, that is what to look for.

Use a metal punch to reset the ejector back closer to the receiver wall and it will be fixed.

No need to swap anything, just use what there, no need for a gunsmith or any other expense.

Once I had done this the action could feed and extract slickly any size of cartridge, fired or unfired.

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