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AR Stands for ARMALITE !!!

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Last summer I committed to purchase six consecutively serial numbered stripped lower receivers, and finally I was able to take delivery of them (literally) one week prior to the Newtown Tragedy.


I am no stranger to AR-15s, in fact I'm a certified AR-15 / M16 armorer, but I have to say that the Armalite parts are really of superior quality.......even than to that of the USGI contract parts, which are made to strict tolerances.


I went a head an did some coloring in of the roll stampings, and so far I like how they are coming out. I have a lot of assembling left on five of the six lowers, but they are coming along.


Here are some photos.


















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Those look great! Can you give a little info as to what you used?


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Thank you.

I made a thread on how I did this to my M14 (M1A) receivers on another board. I was planning on doing this to the other three stripped lowers soon. I will make a detailed "How To" thread complete with photos at that time if you'd like. Or, shoot me a PM and I will link you to the other thread on the other board. I don't want to violate any rules by linking to another forum in my thread.


That is sweet! You selling any of those?


No, I was offered some HUGE money for them during the height of the craziness, but these are going to be part of my retirement plan.


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