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Tony Soprano dead

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My parents met him once, he talked baseball with my dad for a while (big Yankees fan), said he was the most down to earth normal guy you could ever meet. Such a shame to see a person like that go so young. Rest in Peace Jim.


Yea, was talking about this with the Wife and Kid, they said he was a really nice guy and sociable with them. Another one that was really cool with them was Christopher Maloney and Ice T..

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Of course flags are going to be half staff according to Christie....what a joke. Should be reserved for those far more important. He was an actor...big deal


This pissed me off when I hear it..  I have had a few request we do Water Salutes for flights that were for retiring crew members or fallen service men and I won't do it. I already had the request for it on Jame's flight, Can't say it won't happen, but I turned the request down from those that asked me.  Just total BS, It takes away from all who deserve these acknowledgments.

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