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I took my class on 03/15. Sent in and received (at least by mail tracking) on 03/18. The Utah rep. said 5-6 weeks after you see we've cashed your check. Check not cashed as of yet. 


Arizona has not yet cashed the money order, either.

Florida *did* cash the check (sent on the same day as UT). Their "on-line" system says "Received" - they indicate 90 days from that point.


We'll see.

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Check cashed on 3/30, issued 5/7, got in mail on 5/12



Well, not that it matters much as of this evening, but FL has been issued. I assume UT has also been issued but I can't tell since my mail is on hold until I get back from FL.  :(  AZ as well... None of them good in PA, at present. :mad:

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