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Just Built Up - H&R M1

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With all the talk of Garands, I felt compelled to share one of mine.


This is a "mostly" correct H&R M1 that I just assembled last week. Have not had the time to test fire it, yet, but it runs through dummy rounds smooth and ejects the clip on empty so appears to be timed just right.


Anyway, here are a few pix.


The parts post inspection, prior to assembly.



The finished product.



Didn't realize the sling was backwards, so here it is after being corrected.





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very nice!

Thanks Dave.


is it cheaper to build one up or to buy it complete ? exclude the fun and educational factors :)

It depends. In this case, it was cheaper for me to build it because I was able to find the right parts for the right price. But, it took a year and I spent A LOT of time searching for them.....which was fun for me. Don't forget, though, this is more or less a corrected rifle. So the price of a correct H&R from the CMP is about $200 - $300 more than I spent on this......and the CMP doesn't always offer correct grades, either.


As a general rule of thumb, you'd be better off buying one from the CMP, though. Their service grades are hard to beat, and if you don't care too much about asthetics then the field grades are a real bargain.....not to mention, the field grades usually come with USGI wood.


More expensive piece by piece. Buy from CMP, or Dupage has them also.

+1 for the CMP!

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It's not hard to build at all (easy for me to say while I watched), as long as you have a barreled receiver already.


I really want to build another one but I want one from the cmp first. Maybe slowly collect parts on the side.




And Junkmanted yup it was the gun fairy.... You know him too?

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How difficult was it to build one of these (Not counting hunting down the parts)?


Would you build again, or just buy one?

Well, it's not an overly difficult rifle to build if you have the right tools. The barrel needs to be screwed into the reciever and indexed properly using either machinists rulers or precision levels. I use the precision levels for the M14s that I build.


This M1 came to me as a barreled reciever, but I have other M1 receivers that are completely stripped and will have to be barreled in the same manner that I have barreled my M14s.


I will continue to build mine AND buy them built up already. As an M14 armorer I enjoy the building part very much since they are very similar.

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Congratulations on catching "Garanditis"! I see many more in your future :D. I own three: A certified CMP, a home grown 6 digit, and a private purchase presumably CMP. Anytime I see cost come up with a home build I always have to interject that building your own M1 is about personalizing it, restoring it, accurizing it...but rarely about saving money. A home built Garand is about being YOUR Garand.


Enjoy it!


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