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Remington 870 Zombie Hunter Stock Set

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A little expensive, and the fore end required a little bit of modification to fit with my barrel and side saddle, but ultimately it works.  And the stock collapses, allowing me or my 5' 1" wife to comfortably hold it with the push of a button. They have sets that fit Remington 870's and ones that fit Mossberg 500's.



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    • By Maksim
      Pretty dang good deal for $99 with free shipping.  Lower Parts Kit with trigger group along with a buffer tube, buffer, Magpul MOE stock and pistol grip.  Will need to put a pin in to fix for NJ. 

      Mil-Spec MOE Stock: A drop-in replacement buttstock using mil-spec sized receiver extension tubes. Rubber butt-pad which prevents shoulder slippage. 
      MOE Trigger Guard: A drop-in replacement rear trigger guard. Features "V" shape for better use of gloves, non-folding, with round edges. 
      MOE+ AR-15 Pistol Grip: combines reinforced polymer body construction with comfortable, wrap-around over-molding for maximum weapon control.
      PSA Classic Lower Parts Kit: Provides the part necessities to assemble your AR lower. By Palmetto State Armory. 
      Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Assembly: 7075 aluminum with buffer springs  
      Link to PSA
    • By Maksim
      Natchez is having a sale on Remington Military/Law Enforcement Training Ammunition 9mm 115 gr FMJ 1145 fps 1000/ct.  
      Regular price $226.79.  On sale for next two days for $169.99.  No rebates to mail in or submit online.  This comes out to $.17 per round or $8,49 per box of 50.  Get free shipping with promo code FS181117
      Click Here
    • By mrmister2000
      Hi all.
      This is my first time posting in the forum. After having searched through both this forum and the inner-webs, in general for information pertaining to the legality of this this particular stock, I have seemingly gotten nowhere, so I figured I'd post/ask about it here.
      The stock in question is the Strike Industries Viper Modular Fixed Stock and I am trying to find out if it would count as having one of the "offending features" within the state of NJ?

      The stock definitely does not fold, and it does not appear to qualify as telescoping under the traditional sense. The length of pull IS adjustable by means of spacers inserted between the castle nut and the actual stock, BUT the adding/removing of these spacers requires using a hex wrench to completely disassemble the stock first.
      My questions are:
      Do any of you currently have/use this particular stock here in the State of NJ?
      Do you think this stock would qualify as one of NJ's offending features, or at least look "different-enough" to put one under risk of enhanced scrutiny and possible arrest if one had it on their AR-15?
      I had one gunsmith tell me that stocks must be permanently pinned (not true, since the only thing I recall as needing to be permanent is the muzzle brake) and I also had a representative from U.S. Law Shield tell me that he "Didn't think it would count as an offending feature, but in the State of NJ who knows?"
      Looking forward to the replies.
    • By Henry1111
      WTS Rare to find:
      Remington 700 VSSF Varmint HS  Call .308
      Fluted Stainless 26 inch barrel. Target style trigger.
      H-S precision synthetic stock with full aluminum bedding block.
      Excellent overall condition, less than 100 rounds through.
      Topped with Nikon Monarch 6-24x50SF M FC  featuring:
      - 4x Zoom Range, 4 inch Eye Relief
      - Interchangeable Target Style Turret Knobs and Caps
      - Locking Side Focus Parallax Adjustment (SF)
      - Fine Cross (FC) Target Reticle
      - Ultra ClearCoat boosting Light Transmission up to 95%
      - Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof
      - Nikon Lifetime Full Warranty
      Price $1380.-  OBO

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    • RTSP in Randolph.  i didn't really believe it when I couldn't find anything on line.  It was before the Camden arrest so that couldn't have been what was being discussed.
    • also, if you want a 10 round 308 hexmag, PM me. I have one you can have for free.
    • You can legally buy a blackpowder pistol or long gun out of state... and transport it back. Cabela’s is a perfect example of a source, but you must go there to get it. Just follow all NJ transportation laws... such as not leaving a pistol in your car as you go out and get groceries. However, it is not legal to have one shipped to NJ... unless it is going to a FFL, and you are using a pistol permit to get it. But it must also comply with NJ laws. Example... Cabela’s offers a 20 gauge blackpowder shotgun, with a barrel under 12”. Federally, it is ok... as it isn’t really firearm, and definitely not a shotgun. Can’t be a short barrel shotgun (which would require a tax stamp in other circumstances; a modern shotgun). NJ considers it a shotgun, and state law has shotguns under 18” barrels illegal (lumped in with stocked pistols... even if exempted from a SBR tax stamp, and other short barreled rifles). It is truly funny, as the shotgun shell “firearms” were viewed as ok by the NJAG, but a blackpowder shotgun is not. Same with BB guns... like that one with that deadly “silencer” on it. Converting it to a standard cartridge isn’t a big deal... since it is already a pistol in NJ’s eyes. Could you get jammed up from it (having the revolver, not the conversion)? Maybe... but just keep the receipt so you can prove where you bought it.
    • send you a message on the PMC .223
    • Clearly given the number of casings, one or two of them would have hit that post and come to rest in frame. But? Nada. That’s really odd.
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