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World War Z (the movie)

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Just saw it last night.  Has anyone else here seen it?


Those fast-moving, fast-changing zombies are formidable!  Made me long for the slower moving ones on The Walking Dead.  At least one would have a chance against those.  My GF was laughing at me, pointing out that you don't get to pick your zombies.


I would hesitate to call it a great movie, but the action and intensity kept me on the edge of my seat.

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Lol that was actually a fun read!! I had to stop and laugh as I found myself agreeing while I read like...hmmm yea that actually makes a lot of sense! My fav part


Of course, owning and knowing how to use a gun couldn't hurt your chances." Hahaha

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It was good. It definitely wasn't "citizen Kane with zombies" as touted by max brooks. He got his payday and we got a gas paced zombie apocalypse movie.


Don't like fast zombies. Too unrealistic...HA!

Like any zombie is realistic? Lmao!



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The ending was terrible, didn't fit the movie at all. But later I read about a ton of rewrites and new writers and it makes sense that it's totally disjointed.


Apparently the original script had an ending more similar to the book, although in russia (didn't the book end in canada?) but test audiences thought it was too grim. WTF do they know?

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I got the movie on DVD. I Liked it for the most part. I read the book twice and it was nothing like the book. the third act didnt fit with the movie to me. Like others said they re shot the whole third act because the studio didnt like the original third act. The third act was gonna be totally different. The plane was suppose to land in Russia. Brad Pitts charecter Gerry was suppose to be drafted  into the Russian military with the old and week being shot as soon as the plane landed. They were gonna fast forward a year to see Gerry in a unit in Russia. He was gonna notice that the Zombies were slow in the winter and that was gonna be the anwser instead of the drug. If you look up Wprld War Z original ending you can read about it and see set pictures. One of him even holding a lobo.

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