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Grandfather's collection

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Unfortunately I just lost my grandfather this past Wednesday. He had a short and vicious battle with glioblastoma.

He retired from NJSP in 94 as a Sargent First Class, and had multiple successful businesses afterwards. I recently moved down to Florida to spend his last few weeks with him and help the family out after his passing.

My grandmom and I have went through and wrote down all of the info on his firearms just so we knew what was in the house.

Crap..... The man had a collection I can appreciate.

I came up with the idea of putting his 38spl colt long barreled revolver along with the leather holster and belt in a shadow box with his trooper hat, A nice little tribute to his career.

He has quite a few colt revolvers, baretta compacts, smith and Wesson revolvers, and some others.

I just went through the long gun cabinet and fell in love with one of the guns in it....

My grandmother is going to hold onto it for me until the family can get together and take care of final arrangements.

I'm guessing its a M1 carbine, .30cal with a few 30rd magazines. This thing is beautiful and is has US stamps on it. It may have been his fathers from WWII but I'm not sure. Here are a few photos







Then there is this marlin that is pretty cool




The guy loved his gold triggers :)

You can tell a lot about a man by his gun collection.

I can only hope to be half the man he was, and it speaks wonders about him as a person for the fact that he made sure his family was taken care of.... Helping my grandmom clean some things in the closet, we found two full boxes of wrapped silver coins 64 and prior.... Each weighing close to 60lbs!!

Hopefully silver takes a climb again so my grandmother can feel a little more at ease.... Losing health insurance and getting a survivors pension has put the reins on her retirement a tad.

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...... And let me be the one to say it......


Just by reading your post...... You are already a man he is proud of.......

Thank you

And thanks to everyone else.

71 seemed too young..... And he had plenty of fight still left in him.

I've been spending the past few days helping my grandmom out with things around the house.

I'm planning to bring my grandmother, sister and mother to a basic pistol class and get them setup with a few revolvers he had.

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There's also a funky quad barreled pistol from 1864....... I'll get some pictures soon.... I wouldn't shoot the thing even if I had to, but its cool.

As I was clearing all of the firearms and making sure that were all safe and empty ( my grandmother isn't a gun person, and felt better with them un-loaded)

I came across a few firearms I couldnt understand.... Instead of something bad happening, I figured I would bring them to the range and clear them out... One is a baretta model 100 I think.. No magazine, doesn't even look like the slide moves.... Didn't really want to mess with it too much until I get a little more info on it.

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