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Shotguns: Single-Shot or Pump-Action?

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Hi guys,


I am in the market for a slug gun for use this deer season (hopefully), and would like some opinions. 


Right now I am down to deciding between these two, which are where my budget is at:


Mossberg 500 Slugster:,2331,2333,2335,2336&redirect=1&filterNodes=2333,2335


H&R  Ultra Slug Hunter Deluxe:



I was just wondering if there are any pros/cons that I haven't yet considered in using a single-shot for hunting and would appreciate some input from veteran hunters.






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H&r all day. I have a 20ga ultra slug hunter and its a TACK driver out to 100 yards. If your looking for a dedicated slug gun I don't think you will find much better especially considering the price of them.


Thank you for the input!! So, 20 ga is good enough for deer? I was on the fence about this too.This would be a gun I might like to eventually pass down to one of my kids, so that is a consideration as well.

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I should also add, in all my years of hunting I have never got more then one shot off other then drives with buckshot. As with anything else, shot placement is key.

If you plan on deer hunting with a club that does drives, you wouldn't want either of those.  You would need a good repeating shotgun that shoots 12 gauge buckshot well.

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You should really base your shotgun off the land you intend on hunting. If you're in thick cover with shorter(40yds and closer) shots, go with the Mossberg 500 and buckshot. If you're planning on reaching out a bit further, you simply can't beat the value of the H&R USH. Also, as a VERY proud owner of a 12ga USH, buy the 20ga instead. I wish I did, but I'm too stubborn to sell my 12 and replace it now.

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I'll give you another alternative.  I like side by side 12 gauges, smooth bore for the "occasional" slug hunting.  You can load 12g slug on the right, and 00 buck on the left.  If you miss and they move, you've got a follow up shot well suited for a running or wounded deer even in brush.  The land I hunt on is not open fields and clear, but deep woods covered with brush.  Slugs are great if you cut nice big shooting alleys now through Nov, but I like having a second shot to make sure the animal is quickly downed. 


Realistically I don't even find shots out to 60+ yards, as there is too much cover to get a clean shot.  So I'm shooting in the 40 yard range anyway, and a smooth bore side by each shoots slugs to 40 yards very accurately.  Past 40 yards, the pattern isn't as nice. 


But like you, I've always wanted a "dedicated slug gun".  I haven't pulled the trigger on that purchase yet. 

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Ultra Slug Hunter deluxe in 20GA.... GREAT gun.  I've taken deer at 130 yrds with it and it's incredibly accurate.  I've read reports of people being accurate with them out to almost 200 yrds!  Just throw a decent slug gun scope on it and you're good to go.

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