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No, i do know them, cannon signs and lettering out of Manahawkin, Joe cuts out the lettering for me and i install it myself we use to work together at Marina.. Joe does lettering after work side business for him..

Stuck up does a lot of work for the offshore race teams.. 

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    • It's just amazing to me that he is pushing for laws that will be completely ineffective.  These politicians should be looking inward at the electronic infrastructure that allows/disallows people to purchase firearms.  The FBI should be stepping up and saying "We made another grave error and we need to fix the NICS system right now."  But we, on this board and others, know that that isn't going to happen.   I said it before, and I'll say it again, if any of the firearms rights groups wants to REALLY do something, they should have a political wing that brings up grass roots candidates into the statewide spotlight.  That's what I think we need and I would give what little money I have to a group like that.   However, so far, it's not something I see happening.  
    • "Murphy is pushing forward with the gun laws he promised as a candidate, though Sweeney, even as he supports the laws, says he worries that the problem Trenton can’t solve is how to enforce them."   Be concerned about the potential new laws making felons overnight of otherwise law abiding citizens. Be VERY CONCERNED  - *IF*, they figure out how to enforce them. No one in NY and CT has gone door to door yet - and I used to be of the minds that they won't - BUT he is so far left, Murphy may just push to do just that.  THEN AND REALLY THEN, do you have a massive beyond comparison problem.  
    • I don't give a damn about bump stocks. If they're banned or regulated via a law, so be it. My issue is HOW they want to go about banning them. A regulation from an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy is not how this should be done. It sets precedent and opens too many doors for the next administration to ban whatever they want through executive Fiat. This will end badly. 
    • SCOTUS only needs 4 justices to take a case and 5 to win. It is possible they have the 4 but not the 5th so they aren't going to take a case and possibly lose. Assuming the 4 left justices are no votes the question is which of the 5 is the problem. I would like to believe it is Kennedy who is ready to retire and might at the end of this term. What scares me is that it is Roberts who will be on the court for some time. I doubt any of the 4 will retire with Trump as President so we will wait and see next term. Until then, as Thomas said, our rights get trampled on, particularly in NJ. btw: I believe Trump has only appointed one judge on our 3rd circuit court of appeals: Stephanos Bibas. I don't think he has any previous rulings on 2A.
    • Interestingly this has been the case for a while yet they continued to sell standard, greater than 10, round magazines till this past week.   I’m guessing that they have drop shipping arrangements where they are sent from warehouse to purchaser directly and those warehouses could be outside Illinois.  I think the timing of making this announcement is odd.  I’ll stand firm and still not purchase from them.  
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