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Paracord Rifle Slings - Vet Made

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I was on a platform specific site today and one of the guys posted this.  I checked it out and just ordered 3 of them - http://www.gmc4x4.com/store/product/17-paracord-riffle-sling/


I know it's not for everyone b/c of the "tactical" :vinsent:  look, but I like it and if I can help a wounded vet, you bet I'll order a few.


Thought you guys might be interested!

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Not bad just a tad overpriced, but it is for a good cause


I actually thougth it was cheap!!!  :shok:


All US Hardware and built by an american...if it was any cheaper I think he'd be making minimum wage.  But as you mentioned it's for a good cause which is one reason I ordered so many.  Even if they were $50/ea, I honestly would have bought them knowing a small business owner (esp a wounded vet) was getting the $$.


I'm psyched to get mine, never owned a paracord sling before.

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It is cheap. You are just cheap skates. Things made by hand by Americans are getting hard to find. My wife use to knit and crochet till her hands couldn't handle big projects anymore. Blankets, clothes, etc. people are will to pay big bux for hand made stuff.


This is just more reasons to support the cause. You are willing to pay that much for simple nylon slings but not something hand made by a veteran? Shame on you! Even more so with all the money you shell out for your hobbies!


I paid half of that for a survival bracelet made by an old war veteran. Because of what it stood for and who made it. I have no qualms about paying this much for the sling.



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I bought one and I have emailed the guy who is organizing this. He seems to be a good guy and is on the ball with getting this organized. He sent me pics of the slings and made sure I still wanted the colors I ordered. I changed them after seeing how it would come out. The sling comes with Grovtec hardware which are very nice swivels.


I will try to post the pics as soon as I have access to the place I put my pics, I cannot remember what web service I used for my pics!!!


I put the pics in but they seem different as the pics didn't come in just the link to them.





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Not really in the market for one... but I'm going to get one to support the vets.  What else might I need to attach this sling to a SW M&P 15-22?


For the 15-22, here's what I would do:


Google Buffer Tube Sling Plates. 



Google Rail Sling Attachment





I ordered mine with quick disconnects so my two attachment points will have quick disconnect receivers.

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