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Just finished my Saiga conversion

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my build I am finishing this week is going to cost me about $790


Rifle $475

IWD wood Furniture $105

Trigger group and lower handguard retainer $ 180.00

Buttplate,Spring, and sling swivel $26.00

Can of Paint $5.00 (unless I spend $125 on cerkote if I dont like the paint)

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    • By FXDX
      Low miles Saiga 308 for sale, includes the following:
              One - SGM 10 round magazine         Two- OEM 8 round mags.         SGM Muzzle Brake         160 rounds of WPA Polyformance .308Win 145 grain FMJ         Tapco G2 Double hook trigger         922r compliance $1250 cash/firm and buyer pays transfer fee. I am in Mercer but willing to do limited travel to one of the NJ Gun forum FFL’s like JT or Monmouth Arms if they could do it. Scope and scope mount are not included. Serious inquiries only via PM and first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. All NJ laws apply to transfer
    • By NJDevil1044
      Is there ANYONE out there that has a fair amount of experience in converting the 308 Saiga?  I've got it broken down and converted over to PG, and I bought and installed the Dinzag FCG, but I Futzed up the Safety Selector (I think, Brian says its fixable) so I went out and bought another standard AK Safety selector just in case, but I've been working on this rifle for over 6 months and I've absolutely had my fill.  I just need someone who has experience with installing and reassembling the Saiga-308 Fire Control Group and Safety Selector......After that the rifle will be completed, but at this point I'm ready to take a sledge to it, and could really use the assistance of someone with more patience, more technical/mechanical experience, and someone who has hopefully dealt with converting the Saiga-308 before.  At this point I don't even care if the BHO device comes out or not, I just want the rifle to function (safely) like a standard PG AK-308 rifle.  I'd be more than willing to compensate or trade smithwork on an AR-15 or Any milsurp rifles, ass that is my main forte.  If ANYONE can help, I'm located in Central/South Jersey, not far from Trenton, right on the Burlington/Mercer County Border, and I also work 5 days a week in Ocean County, so I can bring the rifle to you if you prefer to work on it at your place at your leisure.  I have no real timeframe on this, as long as someone can get it reassembled correctly in a reasonable period for a reasonable fee.  I also asked Brian Smithwick for assistance, but I highly doubt he'll have the time, as helpful and kind as he is, he's already slammed with work.  So, If anyone can help, please either e-mail me at NJDevil1044@comcast.net or Text/Call my cell @ 732-610-8546
    • By NJDevil1044
      I just picked up a new project gun and could use a little help if anyone could lend a hand, or even some advice. The Beer/hard Cider will be on me. OR if you know how to do it really well and prefer to work alone and could do it for a fair price, I have/will be acquiring all the necessary parts, but I just acquired a Saiga .308 caliber and would like to do the full AK conversion on it, which on this rifle, main just consists of moving forward the trigger group. I have the pistol Grip and Stock I want to put on it, I'll be getting a Tapco G2 Trigger group, and eventually actual wooden AK furniture and a real AK Gas tube to do the forearm, but now, I mainly need help with moving the trigger group forward so I can put on my pistol grip and new stock. If anyone know how to do this USING THE EXISTING TRIGGER GROUP AND JUST RELOCATING IT, even better......but If anyone would care to either make a few dollars doing it for me, or hang out and show me how to do it, like I said, the Beers on me. Please email me here or at NJDevil1044@verizon.net or call me at 732-610-8546. Thanks all......Its not that I couldn't do this myself with the help of Youtube, but I just thought it's be cool to meet someone else who enjoys tinkering with guns and making projects out of them like I do. I just moved to the Cental/South Jersey Area from the Coast and would like to meet some like minded people to hang out with. Thanks all.
    • By Tack Tickle

    • By I lost my gat piece
      Starting on the 27th until the 4th Black Dog Machine is offering 30% off all online orders over $100. They have a target master .22lr conversion that comes with 2 15 rd bdm mags for $175; with 30% off and when I went through the process shipping was $11.50 it comes out to $135 or just under to my door. Definitly the best deal I've seen on this especially because it comes with 2 15 rounders. I know what I'll be ordering on Saturday...
      In check out you need the coupon code ZOMBIE; it won't be good until the 27th-4th as previously stated
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