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Gonna order a 1911

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get this




Its not like i have one in stock and am whoring myself off here :)

Great pistol and would hihgly recommend it to anyone. I've got the same one but in stainless and it's my favorite in my collection. Great price you've got it for as well.

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I can see I probably won't be set till I click "order"

I like em all




The colt Wiley is numbered 1-999 so I might not want to shoot it. Also considering the 100th anniversary colt 1911. Or a stainless model. Too many choices. I need one to put away and one to shoot.



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If you plan on running this gun hard and putting a lot of rounds through it don't get the Kimber. I have seen too many of them self-disassemble on the firing line in medium to high round count classes where the guns needed to be run hard.

That knocks kimber out of the running.

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