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New Glock 42

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I agree with H.E. seems like backwards/dum dum engineering to me also...shoulda built based on 9mm then easy/safer to downsize to .380......that is unless they did...and have a double super top secret program and the 9mm is already waiting but they wanted to release the .380 first....reason being as shown here everyone(that would buy a glock) would buy the 9 and skip the .380

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I hope a million people buy this thing. Mabye the price of 380 ammo may go down if they needed to ramp up production. For me the size is to big for the 380 the the pistol has no purpose. I would love to see a 9 or 40 in that size. It would crush the slim 9/40 market.


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Tanners taking in person preorders, heres a post from there FB page



 This is going to be one of the hottest guns out for 2014

Glock Model 42 in 380 ACP

Today is the first day that we are taking deposits. Our price will be $415. We will need a $50 deposit to put you on the list. You will need to come into the store with the deposit and you will have to sign a contract that states that the deposit is locked in for 4 months. That will also lock you into the $415 price. I am sure these guns will be going for a ton more on Gunbroker but we are offering them to our local customers. Rumor has it that there could be a batch shipping as soon as next week.


G42 Pistol

Caliber: .380

Capacity: 6 rounds

Action: Striker-fired Safe Action System

Length (overall): 5.94 inches

Length (slide cpl.): 5.75 inches

Width: 0.94 inches

Height (with magazine): 4.13 inches

Barrel Length: 3.25 inches

Weight (empty): 12.35 ounces

Trigger Pull: ~5.62 pounds

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I went to Caso's to check it out today. This thing is tiny. I think it would shoot well though. I think I'll be getting one in the near future.


Commercial price was $409.99 I believe

LE was $359.99


They didn't have the G41 yet...too bad.

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