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My Golani/Galil SAR build... Pics...

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Just got this back from last week...I had sent my Golani to Jeff Miller at Hillbilly Firearms...The absolute best Galil/Golani guy in the country...


Heres what he did...


Check receiver for proper hardness...Rockwell 41-45... Passed!!


Machine receiver for proper fit of Uzi America AR mag adapter..


Stock was already welded...


Convert to SAR dimensions... Pull barrel cut/crown to 13" pin brake to 16.250",  South African gas block, no bayo lug...


I also had him do his custom left side charging handle..This mod was done to a Bulgy 7.62x39 AK bolt carrier....And the railed top cover...


I still have the original bolt carrier/top cover...


Fix front sight issues...




Assemble run some rounds for weapons check...Set sights....


Here it is... Shoots like a dream, balance is perfect....


He will be starting my 7.62x39 Golani/Galil build shortly...


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Thanks... It was a long 3 mths to wait, but well worth it....Jeff is one of the most honest builders I have talked with... He keeps you updated with week to week reports...


My 2nd Golani is enroute to be built in x39 now... Douglass SS match grade barrel, all Salt Bath Nitrided...:)

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How can you get one??




Keep checking on GB for a Golani, makesure the serial # starts with GLN.... The GLN receivers were made by Caspian, which seemed to have less issues with the heat treating... GAL receivers were made by ORF and had a lot of sub par heat treating...Be WARNED!!!  If jeff checks the receiver and its soft, he cuts it up!!!


Call Jeff and tell him what you want!!


Or wait til CNC warrior has Galil receivers in stock buy one then have jeff build you a gun...You will still need a parts kit so expect to pay some money..


I have gotten lucky so far as my receivers have passed the Rockwell test....

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Golani.. 650-700

New bolt.. 85.00  Century monkeys grind the lugs down and ruin them..

Jeffs cost to build into a SAR, swaping my AR parts for SAR parts... 525-550

Uzi America AR mag adapter.. 150-200...When you find them..

Jeffs custom left side charge handle..100.00

Bulgy AK bolt carrier...65.00

Railed top cover... 85.00


So probably 1500-1600?  But remember Galils are 3K plus!


When you get a Golani built by Jeff it will run as good as a Galil or better!! 


Just google  Tenngalil and read about the work hes done....



I also have a Micro that jeff will be building as soon as CNC Warrior make the receivers... :)

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Swaping parts... Ok a SAR has a 13" barrel with a shorter gas system...So Jeff will pull your barrel cut/crown to 13" then pin brake to 16.250"...But then you still need SAR length Gas block, gas piston, gas tube... So he takes your AR length items and swaps them for SAR length....Copy that?


Galil/Golani can use a bolt carrier from any 7.62 AKM as long as its not a Chinese or Egyptian...Reason for the AKM carrier is when you run a rail for optics on the galil, you grind your knuckles with the up turned bolt handle...AKM has it on the side so problem solved...


Mags...Be aware that the Uzi America AR mag adapter WILL NOT FIT INTO A GOLANI RECIVER without proper machineing...A golani receiver isn't made to IMI specs, so it will never rock and lock in....Jeff will take of that for you.... Jeff runs all mags before he ships back to customer....Yes they drop free... TITS!!!


7.62x39 build... My 2nd golani is on its way to jeff to be built into a x39 build....Douglass SS match grade barrel, with some other goodies... Salt bath Nitriding etc...

Yes mags will be standard European steel AKM mags.. Rock and lock...100% reliability, screw in SS barrel, superior accuracy, battle proven AK reliability!!!  TITTYS!!


MICRO..... My IMI Micro kit is already at Jeffs. Awaiting CNC Warrior to release there micro receivers... My kit is a unfired left hand charge version with the spring loaded dust cover...google (Galil micro 699) When complete will have a 16" barrel with milled aluminum fake can....MORE TITTYS!!!!

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I already completed my Saiga build as you can see in the AK section...Love it love it love it...


But now the Golani is a different animal...


Cool factor is off the charts to me!!!


My suggestion to you is to join up at Uzitalk.com


Read read read,,,,,I spent mths reading learning asking questions...


Don't call Jeff til you have a plan.... Like I posted earlier, if you buy a Golani and the receiver is soft, you now own a parts kit...He will destroy the receiver in his shop...He wont be responsible for shipping you a gun that will eventually fail...


Now CNC warrior will be running a batch of receivers soon, and they are IMI spec... DO NOT BUY!!! An ORF receiver without it being hardness tested with papers to prove...They are all over GB for cheap!!!


Goodluck...Let me know if I can help ... Goin to run it tomorrow at range 14....Woohoo!!!!


Just thinkin....They also have a Push to fire mod for the safety....My muscle memory from my AR's want me to push to fire pull for safe....A galil is opposite push for safe, pull to fire.... Jeff can do that mod also...The kit is expensive though... :)


Jeff also does all the lightning cuts and all the correct Hebrew engraveing... To me its a waste of money on a Golani, but my Micro build on I will have the cuts and engraveing...

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