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NJ resident buying shotgun in PA

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Can I, with a valid NJ FID, purchase a long gun in PA gun shop and walk out same day? Or do I have to ship to a NJ FFL? Nothing crazy just a O/U sporter shotgun...[/size]

Yes you can,

I ve done it before many times at Cabelas. All my shotguns are from PA.

Make sure you have 2 copies of a COE. Most dealers in PA dont have them.


Not Pistol gripped Shotguns as they are classified as "other" and have to go through FFL

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Of course you'll want to make sure that it's NJ compliant...


The OP said it's an O/U Shotgun :haha: , now IF it was an EVIL Black Rifle you'd have a valid point...........


Have a great holiday weekend everybody!

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