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what's everyone's favorite .380 handgun?

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not to get off topic, but why condition 2?


Thumb safety is rather small and the cocked etched hammer could catch on pocket lining   :roulette:  using Condition #1 , so since I'm a well-practiced single-action wheely Fan-Boy as well, cocking a hammer comes to me naturally, and can be accomplished in one smooth motion right along with the draw while I'm carrying something in my weak hand.  No need to rack a slide into battery and "give-up" 1/8th of total round capacity, so Condition #2 is a compromise that WORKS for me!

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I have a Sig p238. Very sturdy, heavier than the other pocket pistols, but eminently concealable -- a true pocket gun. 


It took me several hundred rounds to get used to the recoil, but now I'm pretty accurate with it. 

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