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Surplus Suggestions

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Ive tried searching and have had a tough time finding results in regards to shops.


Im still a few months away from permits being ready but wanted to start looking around. I want to get a surplus pistol/revolver. An old nagant revolver would be cool or something in 9mm mak. 


I wouldnt mind model suggestions but I am mainly looking for suggestions on shops in central and north jersey that have been known to have some surplus pistols in stock or can order from a supplier?


Thanks for any help in advance.

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Classic Arms gets stuff in every now and again.  I would check their site periodically.  Also you might want to pm Tony from TJ's Sporting Arms bc he told me last time I was there they get a lot of old/collectible stuff from various places.  His handle here is Tj462nj.  


Good luck!

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I would be happy to order milsurp for you if you want.


Available now in 9x18:


Polish P83

CZ 82


Can also get various Tokarevs in 7.62x25 if you have any interest in those, as well as other milsurp in 9mm luger, .380 ACP and .32 ACP

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