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Post PICs of your SPR style rifles

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- Complete Novekse 18" SPR upper w/ Nsr 13.5in rail

- PWS FSC556 muzzle brake pinned and welded

- Noveske gen 1 lower

- Geiselle SSA-E trigger

- Magpul fixed carbine stock

- Magpul Miad 1.1 grip

- Vortex Viper pst 2.5-10x32 scope

- American Defense MFG. Recon x scope mount

- Harris 6-9 HBRMS bipod

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Just got my barrel in foe my spr build. It is the last piece before assembly. I was Gonna assemble the upper but I have to take it to tier 1 for compliance anyway so I'll just bay the $30.


Looks like there's something on the barrel wall could just be schmutz. I'll have them look at it. Hopefully it doesn't need to go back.


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Noveske gen 1 lower:

Colt lower parts kit, buffer tube,spring,buffer

Bad-cass safety

Geissele SSA

BCM mod 1 grip

Magpul trigger guard

Colt CS Stock


Noveske gen1 upper

Noveske bcg

BCM large gunfighter ch

Noveske 18" SPR barrel w/intermediate gas port


Surefire socom brake

Harris bipod

IWC sling swivel keymod bipod mount

Troy Noveske sights


Bobro QD mount

Vortex 1-4 scope to be replaced with something higher powered in the future.

Us optics level (no idea how that even got on there. Don't recall buying it)

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