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Ghost Gun Lowers

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Remember last year at this time they were part of the group of vendors who felt their product was worth way more than the market demanded.  Sorry not me, ever.

i seem to remember the demand was pretty damn high and supply was pretty damn low. to me that equates to a high price. if the majority of people were dumb enough to buy stuff that was priced high then that's their problem. i wont buy from the companies that don't support 2A or have held back supply to create demand (CTD). i'm not actually buying one because i just bought a midwestpx one but if i was in the market this would be a pretty funny conversation piece at the range.

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I guess I don't get the joke :(This signature exceeds the 15 character capacity

there's a video of a California lawmaker holding up an ar saying its a "ghost gun" from call of duty: ghosts. Het says it firesa 30 caliber clips in half a second an so on... theres a thread about it in the litterbox I think.

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