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1911 Build Update...Getting there

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Hey guys,


Haven't been on the forum in quite some time.  Started a new job at the beginning of the year, had relocate for the job, and life in general has been keeping me pretty busy.  I have managed to sneak in some time here and there to work on my 1911 I've been putting together since August-ish.  I had the frame transferred to me by Rick at OMG Customs.  Cool guy that had a bunch of advice for a clueless kid starting his first project. (And the cheapest transfer in the area to boot!)  Anyways, here is where I am as of tonight.  Slide to frame fit took a total of about 18 hours, barrels hood, lugs, and feet fitting took about 8 hrs, barrel bushing took about 4 hrs, and trigger, fire control parts, and thumb safety fitting took another 5.  All I have left to do is grind the frame tangs to fit my beavertail safety and it'll be ready to test fire.  Then it will go off to Severn customs for sight installation and a coating of their super awesome Hard Hat Treatment.  Lots of time, blood (a surprising amount of blood!), and sweat went into this project but I went painstakingly slow and am happy with how it has turned out so far.  Thanks for taking a look.  Any advice from guys who have done this before, would be great, feel free to chime in.  I apologize for the crappy phone picture. My real camera is still buried in a random box somewhere from moving. If I can find my camera I'll take some more detailed pics.  Thanks for looking guys.




Parts List:


Caspian Parts

Frame, Slide



Kart Parts



Nighthawk Customs Parts

Recoil Spring, guide rod, mainspring housing, plunger tube, hammer strut, ejector


EGW Parts

Trigger, barrel bushing, all pins and small springs, extractor, recoil spring plug


Wilson Combat Parts

Slide Stop, firing pin, firing pin stop, mag release


Cylinder and Slide Parts

Mainspring, hammer, sear, disconnecter, sear spring


Fusion Parts

Thumb Safety, grip bushings, grip screws


Edit for less crappy, crappy picutres




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Thanks for the kind words everyone. Can't wait to get the beavertail fitted, safety test, and take it to the range. Then i'll do all the cosmetic blending and ship it off the get coated.


Ian, the slide to frame fit has no slop and is smooth. More importantly, the barrel locks up nice and tight. Hopefully the barrel timing is correct and it functions well at the range.  Only time will tell.  Now if I can actually find some time in the first place, that'd be great!

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