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Sig 238

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    • Was going to say, even the original series of Miami Vice is terrific as far as guns go.
    • Bro? NJ people "generally" know how to drive. It's all the PA and NY drivers up here that are terrible

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    • Ok all you Yankees coming down here to Florida , I don't want to hear that nobody knows how to drive ... nobody is from down hear anymore .. and I don't care how you did t up north .. nobody ever said when I retire im moving up to NJ  
    • I do like the scope. I'm having a hard time not picking up the Henry and tricking it out similarly. You know for when you need to shoot a t-rex thru a brick wall

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    • 1. .38/.357 Snubnose Revolver
      -S&W 642-1... also converted to 9mm

      2. Pump Shotgun
      -Remington 870 Police

      3. An Old West Style Gun
      -Uberti 1860 Henry Steel frame

      4. Polymer Service Pistol
      -Glock 30S

      5. Large Bore Revolver (.41+)
      -S&W 629-1

      6. Defensive Carbine (aka Assualt/Black Rifle)
      -AR (have a 5.56mm or a .45 D/I)

      7. .22lr Pistol
      -NAA Sidewinder (.22 LR and Magnum)

      8. European Mil Surp
      -Yugo M48A

      9. .38/.357 Target or Service Revolver

      10. .45acp 1911
      -Ruger SR1911

      11. American Mil Surp
      -Garand, but to be different... a Custer era Springfield Trapdoor Carbine

      12. "Something for your Wife/Girlfriend"
      -Ithaca 37

      13. .22lr Rifle
      -Ruger 10/22 Takedown

      14. Wonder Nine Pistol
      -Beretta 92 Inox Brigadier

      15. Pocket Pistol/Mouse Gun
      -Ruger LCP

      16. SxS or O/U Shotgun
      -Mossberg SRII

      17. -SIG P938 SAS

      18. NFA/Class III

      19. Firearm You Forgot You Owned
      -Nagant 1895

      20. Something "Evil Looking"

      21. "Pair of" or Duplicate Gun
      -Remington 11-87s (slug and field guns)

      22. Curio and Relic
      -Mosin Nagant PU sniper or M38

      23. Inherited/Gifted Firearm
      -Marlin 60

      24. Bolt Action Hunting Rifle
      -Remington Model 7 (going more to a precision rifle instead of hunting)

      25. Something that made your wife/girlfriend angry

      Hopefully, I can fill one of those in the next year or two. No chance in hell I'm getting a .38/.357 service revolver.
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