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All American Clothing Co.

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Well, I needed a couple pair of khakis so on 07/01/2014 I ordered 2 pair and two shirts.

Order was confirmed and credit card debited same day. I had not received shipping notice yet (07/07/14) so I inquired.

Pants are back ordered! Don't know when they were going to let me know but it would have been nice to know sooner.


Ordered scope bases from J & P custom products on 07/04/2014 and received them today.

Ordered rings and scope cover from Midsouth on 07/05/2014 and they were shipped today.

Ordered scope base from Amazon on 07/05/2014 and it was shipped today.


Not gonna do business with folks that take your money immediately and don't deliver.


Thumbs down for All American Clothing Co.

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Normally their site shows if the product is unavailable/out of stock/back order and usually shows on your confirmation as well.  You may want to double check.

I don't need to double check! It shows on the web site now. My confirmation does not. All I got when I called was excuses.  "Oh, I was on vacation....................... Oh, so and so would have caught that next week.  We've been really busy. "  They also told me they don't charge credit cards until order ships. That was  a lie. My card was charged on day one.  I check my account multiple times a day.

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I discovered All American Clothing several years ago and was impressed that it was founded by a gentleman who was one of the largest retailers of Levi jeans in the western USA.
He was dismayed at the cutting corners, lowering of quality and the short-sighted abandonment of a style and fit that had sold successfully to the baby-boom generation since we were kids.

What I really like about All American Clothing is that their blue jeans mimic the cut that Levi's were 30+ years ago, something I was looking to find for quite some time.

Specifically, on their AA Regular Jean - Dark Stonewash, they use a very high quality thick 14.5 oz denim and the cut of the front rise is higher by about 1 1/2 inches than the low, hip-hugger style of Levi 505 jeans today, which I and many other men prefer.  It is truly a classic blue jean fit, with a zipper fly and 7 belt loops, that is not too tight or loose with a comfort provided by a gusset in the crotch area.

They are my go-to blue jean company from now on....


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