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2 hours ago, CMJeepster said:

It sounds like a justified shooting. I mean, a determined home invader forcibly entering your house? Yeah, that's certainly reason to be afraid for your life!

That said (and maybe this is just my own reaction), I really wish this gun owner was more circumspect in his speech after the fact. Saying things to a reporter like he did, for example:

  • "I knew ... after he came through the door like that, I can shoot him" and 
  • “I pumped two into him there. He went down the steps that way and I got him a third time I hope”...  :facepalm:

IMO, those phrases should have been replaced with:

  • I was in fear for my life - I was sure he was going to kill me! I only did what I had to do to stop him. I hope no one else ever experiences something so terrifying in their own home..." (or better yet...) 
  • No interviews at all!! Keep your yap shut. And if you must for some reason (though I can't imagine why anyway has to take an interview...), at least have your highly qualified lawyer - who you rehearsed with in advance - sitting right next to you during the interview (poised to stuff a cork in your mouth the instant you go off-script).

IMO, even the most smart, self-disciplined and experienced speaker is liable to screw-up an interview if the reporter is clever/nimble in their questioning (and I mean ANY interview, so that's without factoring a person's relative inexperience at interviewing AND the extreme level of duress likely to occur after a home invasion/shooting). You also must assume that everything this guy said is then part of the record... even if he's not charged criminally, couldn't it be used against him in a civil case? And even though it seems the home owner's actions were justified, his choice of words, frankly, make him sound like a bit of a gun-slinging yahoo, which is really not a good look for the rest of us gun owners as far as I'm concerned. 

I personally view this case as an example of a justified shooting followed by some epically dumb public relations moves. 

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3 hours ago, Mrs. Peel said:

That said (and maybe this is just my own reaction), I really wish this gun owner was more circumspect in his speech after the fact.

If you shouldn't talk to the police until you have legal representation, you sure as hell shouldn't talk to a reporter.

I can see the reporter being called to the witness stand to 'recall what the assailant said'.

What a jackass.

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1 hour ago, 15636215 said:

In NJ, unless LEO you are supposed to Retreat, Retreat, Retreat!! If not you will most likely be charged.

You do not have to retreat if you are in your own home. If you are on a deck or a porch without a door then it gets questionable.

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7 hours ago, CMJeepster said:

In most of the US you would be arrested too. Every gun law seminar I've been to, they advise not using your firearm to protect property.

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