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Pizza Bob

Guns of USPSA, IDPA and Steel (Static & KD)

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There are quite a few people on this forum that participate in one or more of these games. There are also people on this forum that would like to become involved in one of them. I thought it might be interesting for all to see what people are using. I expect the pictures in this thread to run the gamut from box stock guns to full-on race guns.


I'll lead-off, and being it's no secret that I'm a wheelgun fan, it won't be surprising to see the picture below...




Now post what you use - or want to use.




Pizza Bob

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Excellent idea for a picture thread Bob.  I'll add my main competition guns.


Glock 34 Gen 4 - USPSA Production and static steel




For knockdown steel when I don't need it to fit in "the box" I bump it up to the Glock 17L




And for those that have now thrown up a bit in their mouths with all the pictures of Glocks I'll add my STI Trojan 9mm.  I haven't been shooting this much recently, but should start using it more for USPSA single stack minor and steel.




Last but not least, my favorite gun to use for static steel - Ruger MKIII 22/45. 



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First off you don't need a fancy gun with all the latest and greatest to start competing - all you have to have is the will to do it and any platform that will send a hunk of lead down range :)  That said part of my problem is I use too many different guns and never get consistent with anyone.  My favorite is my STI Trojan 9mm which I have used for USPSA Single Stack Minor, IDPA ESP and for knockdown steel.



The only issue I have with it I believe is magazine based, so I am still working on what mags will make it run well, but it is super accurate.


When I don't use this gun I most often use my black CZ-75B which has had some work done on it by the CZ custom shop.  I use it for USPSA in both Production and Limited10, IDPA in SSP & ESP and Static Steel: (shame on me I can't find a picture by itself, here it is paired with my stainless one on the left)



I've used my Beretta 92FS for USPSA Production, but since I like the CZ's so much better it has made a home for itself in my safe and hardly sees the light of day:



I have shot Single Stack Major once at USPSA and for that I used my S&W Performance Center 1911



For my first two matches I used my Glock G22 but knew if I wanted to do better I "needed" better guns!  Just kidding.  I just have a gun buying addiction.  I got a good deal on a G35 so I figured I would use that for Limited 10 major.  My thoughts were that while I am fairly accurate I need more speed, so if I shot major I could afford to be a little less accurate.  That thought process all but failed as I ended up being both less accurate and not really any faster.  So my next venture is going to be a G34 for use in USPSA Production and IDPA SSP and maybe I'll even try it for steel.  I guess I am like the golfer that is constantly buying new clubs in the search to improve his game :)

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thats a pretty spiffy looking limited gun matt, is that an all STI build or custom jobber? I like the slide.

Custom on my preferred box of parts. Done by gans guns which closed up shop. (He might still do occasional slides, but he retired from his retirement.)

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Lookup picture of an M&P, CZ, or 1911.


My guns are nothing special.

Same with me. 


Beretta 92FS, Beretta PX4 and M&P Pro 9.  But mine have ample holster rash and other battle scars.


My son also shoots his Henry Lever Gun during static steel matches.  That's a lot of fun for him, but also for the older fuds who are reminded of the days of yore when they got their first 22.  

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