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PSA has a Colt 16" Platform Rifle $699....

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They won't ship that particular rifle? I recently purchased an upper from them and they shipped it no problem.

An upper might as well be a paperweight as far as firearms laws go. They may have an internal policy not to ship serialized parts. I have no particular experience with them though.

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MickFinn - u prob pick your state & it comes up with a list of FFLs for you to pick from


In case you aren't aware, by obtaining an FFL (Federal Firearms License) you are able to retail sell firearms. You don't have to purchase from a gun shop. Many FFLs operate out of their residence or a business totally unaffiliated with firearms (Jim Flynn's Truck Repair).


The serialized part of firearms (or entire firearm) must be transferred to you by an FFL.


There is a list of NJ FFLs that is stickied at the top of the Gunshop and Gun Ranges thread. It lists their locaction, prices for transfers and NICS and I believe a phone number to contact them. Several of the vendors on the site are FFLs.


At least this is my understanding of FFLs. Anyone, please correct any obvious errors or mistakes I may have made.

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