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Picked up 2 new .17hmr's

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I decided it was time to upgrade. So then I bought one for my son too





One is



Leupold 4-12x40

Harris bipod




Ruger American rifle series compact

Leupold rings

Bushnell 3-9x40

Harris bipod


Range report coming soon


Better pics too



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Very nice.  I've got the Ruger in 22lr for my kids and the 93R17 Savage in the TR model (your's looks like a BTV?) which has the McMillan-ish stock for Dad.  Had all kinds of feed problems initially with the Savage.  The magazines fit too loose and they dropped down just a little bit and did not allow the rounds to chamber.  I had to pinch the back of the mags a little bit (the wings that ride up the guide) so they fit tighter and has been perfect since.  3-4 light taps with a rubber tipped hammer did the trick on each wing.  The issue is described here -


If your mags are loose, fix it before you even go to the range to avoid frustration.

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Nice!  I have two Savage .17 HMRs.  They are absolute lasers out to 100 yards. 


No need to upgrade the triggers as someone mentioned above.  For field and fun the Accutrigger is awesome.  Unless you are going to seriously accurize the guns for benchrest, spending money on a new trigger is a waste. 

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